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Blunt Lie Leonid Nevzlin’s way

The serial ordering customer of murders and attempted murders Leonid Nevzlin* continues to lie about 'political motives' in Yukos case, although the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has three times refuted this lie

Blunt Lie Leonid Nevzlin’s way

The District Court of the United States responsible for the Columbia District didn’t recognized the right of the Russian Federation for sovereign immunity in the USA which defends our country from claims of former shareholders of the liquidated oil company Yukos. Judge Barry A. Howell, on November 17, 2023, decided to dismiss Russia’s motionsubmitted as early as 2015 on recognizing non-triable the litigation with Yukos’ former shareholders on the territory of the United States. The judge proposed to pass to ‘evaluating this case in substance’.

It is unknown, for how many years this litigation will last and what will be the result of these proceedings. Well-known is the dream of the false ‘victims of the ‘Yukos case’ - to rob Russia once more, including capturing of Russian sovereign property abroad. But these games, as they say, can be played only with two sides participating.


A criminal type living in Israel reacted to this news from the United States. And this criminal type is Leonid Borisovich Nevzlin*, an ordering customer of murders and attempted murders, sentenced to life-long imprisonment in Russia, a man that was bribing through dirty offshores American political establishment. However, his commentary in the messenger Telegram hints on some sort of psychological disorder of the patient on the bases of Russophobia. ‘Putin’s Mafioso system, during all these years, has been trying to avoid responsibility for illegal and politically motivated expropriation of the company Yukos. As Russia has been trying to dodge, the sum of the compensation, taking into account interests, has reached almost $60 billion”, hysterically ran off the information hoodlum Nevzlin. And lied once again.

First and foremost, the foreign agent and criminal Leonid Nevzlin lied with regard to the ‘political motivation’ of the criminal prosecution of Yukos robber-barons headed by Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky. 


‘Political motives’ in the case pertaining to both the company Yukos itself and separate ‘physical persons’ like the financial swindlers Mikhail Khodorkovsky* and Platon Lebedev, is nothing more than a fruit of a hysterical phantasy and propaganda campaign performed by a choir of ‘incorrupt’ American and European politicians who were once engaged through the PR-agency ‘APCO Worldwide’ to ‘sing’ in favor of Yukos. The services of the American ‘singers’ were paid through the offshore dump ‘Corbiere Trust’ – it had been opened by Khodorkovsky directly from prison with the help of his lawyers.

The names of ‘defenders’ of Khodorkovsky and democracy who were paid with dirty money from Khodorkovsky’s are well-known in Russia: Sen. – let’s recollect him – John McCain, Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. Joseph R. Biden. (See also the article ‘On this day, Obama, McCain, and Biden worked off Khodorkovsky’s dirty money’)

The two former figures, having become presidents, legalized Russophobia on state’s level greenlighting the reanimation of the Nazi bacillus in Europe.

However, Europe, to be more precise, American creatures in Europe, didn’t object. In the moaning about ‘political motives in Yukos case’ also took par ‘independent’ European performers. Yet their ‘independence’, in actual fact, turned out to be a cheap illusion. For instance, the activities of Sabine Leutheuser-Schnarrenberger on the way of politicizing the Yukos case, was a party assignment received from Otto Graf Lambsdorff (departed due to his age in 2009), the German counselor and lobbyist of the interests of Khodorkovsky’s organized criminal gang.

This German counselor of ‘Menatep’, by the way, served in Hitler’s Wehrmacht, then he was taken prisoner by Americans. There, as it seems, he joined to a kindred movement – to world liberals.


Still, these mouthpieces failed to prove intelligibly and comprehensibly ‘political motives’ in Yukos case. Even in the ECtHR they found their arguments unconvincing.

In 2011, ‘the ECtHR refused to acknowledge political motives in the criminal prosecution of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. According to the European Court of Human Rights, accusation against the head of Yukos were based on ‘reasonable suspicion’ and were ‘compatible with the standards of the European Convention’. The ECtHR repelled the accusations directed at Russia of ‘political motivation’ and ‘repressive character’ of the prosecution of the company Yukos. (See also the article ’ECtHR didn’t’ agree with the position of the oil company Yukos)

In 2020, on the second Yukos case, ‘the ECtHR didn’t establish violation of Article 18 of the European Convention on Human Rights on the appeal of Khodorkovsky claiming that ‘the state used criminal prosecution for political purposes in order to misappropriate company’s assets’. (See also the article ‘On this day, the European Court of Human Rights didn’t recognize Khodorkovsky’s case as ‘political’)

And, finally, on January 18, 2022, the ECtHR arrived at the decision on the case No 26679/08 – ‘Nevzlin vs. Russia’ on the appeal of 2008, and all the lie about ‘political prosecution’ in the Yukos case and Nevzlin’s case once again drudged up. The ECtHR ‘didn’t see any hidden purpose in the criminal persecution’, as it didn’t establish any ‘bias of the court’ in the proceedings on the criminal case pertaining to Nevzlin who, on August 1, 2008, by the ruling of the Moscow City Court, received a life-long sentence. And it’s worth noting that this sentence ‘stood up’ in all instances. (See also the article ‘The press service of Nevzlin, mastermind of murders, substituted the wish for the reality’)

The ECtHR, by its triple decision, moved long ago all Nevzlin’s arguments in a garbage can, from where this ordering customer of murders pulls them, from time to time, in order to lie publically.
Author: Buba Filin

See the Russian version at: «Тупая ложь по-невзлински»

* Nevzlin Leonid Borisovich, born 21.09.1959, Individual insurance account number (SNILS) 094-463-07079, a criminal, Russophobe, included in the Registry of Foreign Agents with No 622;

*Mikhail Khodorkovsky – born 21.09.1959, acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a person fulfilling functions of foreign agent. Included into the Registry of Foreign Agents with No 389.

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