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Financial sieve of the swindler Mikhail Khodorkovsky

The website Prigovor.ru has found out that during two years Mikhail Khodorkovsky has managed to launder more than 3 million dollars using charitable transactions from his British foundation to a Lithuanian foundation under his control. Which tax system he has been cheating – British or Lithuanian?

The prohibited in Russia Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s ‘Khodorkovsky Foundation’ (number in the British Registry 04988238) was caught red handed trying to present fraudulent financial reports. We have studied the financial report of the Foundation for the year 2023 published in the British Registry on March 27, 2024 and we have paid special attention to the page 16 of the report on which there is a list of grant receivers from Khodorkovsky’s Foundation.

Page 16 of the financial report

Among those who Mikhail Khodorkovsky specially favors happens to be ‘The Eastern Europe Research Foundation’. In 2022, the foundation received from Mikhail Khodorkovsky, by his bounty, a grant to the amount of 2 339 000 dollars, and in 2023 even more – 2 855 000 dollars. What kind of lucky beggars these are?

While searching in various international and national data bases and registers only one company was found with a matching name. It is the company ‘Eastern Europe Research Foundation, VsI registered in Lithuania, in the town Vilnius.

‘East European Research Foundation, VsI, registration code 305889713, address J. Savickio g.4-7, Vilnius

A surprise was waiting for us when we studied financial metrics of these ‘East European Researchers’, and that was a faery stunt of Khodorkovsky.

The thing is that, according to the official Firm Register of Lithuania, the revenues of ‘The Eastern Europe Research Foundation’ was 971 447 euros, and in 2023 - 1 052 432 euros. It means that even taking into consideration the difference in rate of exchange (dollar/euro) it indicates that there are discrepancies in the reports of the sender and receiver company in the volume of 1.3 million dollars in 2022 and 1.7 million dollars in 2023!

We would like to repeat for reasons of clarity: British foundation of Mikhail Khodorkovsky proudly accounted to the British tax authorities affirming that it had transferred to Lithuania a charitable grant to the amount of 2 885 000 dollars in 2022 and to the amount of 1.7 million dollars in 2023. And the Lithuanian foundation, in its turn, accounted to its own taxmen alleging that… it had received considerably less money. In the process of the transfer had been lost about 1 318 981 dollars and 1 718 374 dollars. A faerie stunt! As in a monologue of the famous Russian satirist Arkady Raikin: ‘we write down two and seven to carry over’. In case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, more than 3 million dollars ‘were to carry over’.

By the way, pay attention to the reference marked with an asterisk, in the low part of the scale. It is itemized there that ‘from 2022 financial data of state agencies, associations, charitable organizations and support foundations are to provide the whole revenue which represents the sum of gains from selling, gains from financing and from all other revenues’.

As we see, this is a rather conclusive formula which tell us that the sum of all revenues is to be reported. It means that the mentioned marking under the official report of the Lithuanian company is taking off the table all questions that any kind of monetary means received from Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Foundation could have not been taken into account.

That is why, quite logically, arises the question: Which of the two tax systems Mikhail Khodorkovsky has been cheating – British or Lithuanian? Obviously, the lost millions are evaporating and are being cashed out during certain transactions in offshore jurisdictions.

To make it properly, His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) could have long locked up the ‘benefactor’ for financial fraud, but he, as it is said, is ‘a useful idiot’ who has been assiduously trying to help British politicians to do harm to Russia.

For doubtful ones we would like to point out that the project Prigovor has found additional proofs of close ties of the Lithuanian research foundation with Mikhail Khodorkovsky. If you visit the website of ‘The Anti-War Committee of Russia’, one of organizers of which is personally Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a pop-up screen immerges proposing to transfers donations, including to the project ‘Ark’ (Kovcheg) which is also being overseen by employees of the fugitive former oligarch. In addition, as a company to which the visitor of the website gives permission to use his personal data, ii itemized the already known for us ‘The Eastern Europe Research Foundation’.


Apart from that, we would like to notice that the legal address of the structure ‘Eastern European Research Foundation, VsI’ (J.Savickio g. 4-7, Vilnius) happens to be in complete accord with the address of the company ‘Reforum’ headed by Natalia Arno (who is the head of ‘Free Russia foundation’** - organization prohibited on the territory of the Russia Federation and financed by the US State Department).

About close ties of structures belonging to Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Natalia Arno the website Prigovor.ru reported in detail in the investigation entitled ‘Necklace for State Department Fury. ‘Ark’, ‘Reforum’ and ‘Free Russia Foundation’

We can see that time is passing by, the world is changing, but the habits of the man who founded his business of fraudulent schemes, stick with him in any time and in any country. Moreover, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, considering himself the ‘steward of the opposition’ dreams to come back (on NATO’s armored car) in the country in order to direct Russia for a while. The main budget rule of Mikhail Khodorkovsky you already know – ‘we write down two seven to carry over’.
Author: Alexander Zhelnin

See the Russian version at: «Финансовое решето мошенника Ходорковского*»

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* Khodorkovsky Mikhail Borisovich, born 26.06.1963, Identification Number of a Taxpayer (INN) 770200035117, Individual Insurance Account Number (SNILS) 168-196-008 95 – on 20.05.2022 was acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as physical person fulfilling function of a foreign agent. Included in the Registry of foreign agents with No 389. In 2015, Russia included Khodorkovsky in an international wanted list in connection with the case of his involvement in the murder of the mayor of the town Nefteyuganstk Vladimir Petukhov and attempted murder of the entrepreneur Yevgeny Rybin;
 * ’The Khodorkovsky Foundation’ – organization whose activities were acknowledged as undesirable on the territory of the Russia Federation by the Ruling of the Russian Justice Ministry of 09.07.2021;
** Free Russia Foundation, USA – organization whose activities were acknowledged as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with the decision of the Office of the Prosecutor General of 28.07.2019. The Foundation was included on 09.10.2019 in the Registry of Foreign agents with No 195. Was acknowledged by the Moscow City Court as an extremist organization;
 ** ‘Russia Antiwar Committee’ – organization whose activities were acknowledged as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation by the Ruling of the Office of the Prosecutor General of 11.01.2024.

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