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«Tele- and body-journalist» of Akhmed Zakayev

The website Prigovor.ru: Lady Inna Kurochkina is responsible for connection with terrorists and extremists in the “Free Russia Foundation”**. “Distant” grant. The US State Department covers up traces of terrorist sponsorship

«Tele- and body-journalist» of Akhmed Zakayev

In recent times, the theme of proclaiming Russia “a country sponsoring terrorism” has become popular in various countries of the European Union (EU). By their anti-Russia manifestoes have distinguished themselves not only Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, but also the whole European Parliament. In the habitual hysteric-mentor way, they accuse Russia of all possible sins, looking right through real terrorists and their sponsors.

The theme of recognizing Russia as “sponsor of terrorism” was launched as early as in the summer 2022 by American congressmen and Russophobes Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal. Having created an appropriate document S.Res.623, “calling US Secretary of State to acknowledge the Russian Federation as state-sponsor of terrorism”, the two Americans made a quick trip to Kiev to discuss “the contract”. But the resolution unexcitingly stuck. The U.S. State Department, having crossed out of the draft document a ton of ramblings, reckoned to adopt it in an amended form, yet, without these ravings, the document turned out to be a meaningless piece of paper. Then, it was found out that there were no juridical reasons in the United States laws for the declared characterizations. So the theme drifted down to a provincial level – to the European Parliament.

It’s not unexpected that the United States repeatedly has failed due to its “moon-blindness” with regard to terrorists. Let’s remind us of a prime example – in March 2011, Russian Special Services informed the FBI that the repatriate Tamerlan Tsarnayev had been tied with radical Islamists. The FBI allegedly ran a check on Tsarnayev, but “did not find connections with terrorism”. And, on April 25, 2013, during the annual Boston Marathon, the Tsarnayev brothers, freshly minted citizens of the United States, blew a bomb killing 3 personas and wounding 260.

The unfavorable details of the Boston Marathon were soon forgotten. American and European politicians continue “to train the snake” thinking that if they succeed in taming of “their own” terrorists, they will not bite them.


The Czech Republic is a spectacular example of that. As recently as in mid-November 2022, the Deputies Chamber of the Czech Parliament declared Russia to be “a state sponsor of terrorism”. The decision was supported by 129 voices out of 156 deputies. It means that 14 deputies had enough wisdom not to engage in this dubious juridical adventure despite the raised political foam. In effect, the Czech Republic itself pursues activities which may be considered as sponsorship of extremism and terrorism. This becomes evident in various forms.

For instance, from the beginning of 2020, the cell of the American “Free Russia Foundation”**, namely “Free Russia Foundation Prague z.s.” (number in the registry 08931402), which actively supports Chechen extremists, has been actively working on the territory of the Czech Republic.

According to documents, the Czech affiliate of the American foundation, was organized by three persons: Inna Kurochkina (born 1972), Andrey Kurochkin (born 1964) and Natalia Arno, USA (born 1976).

From “social” life – Inna Kurochkina and Andrey Kuruchkin, Czech Republic, have been dealing, at the headquarters of the firm “AGSPB s.r.o” (Prague), with architectural projects, real estate and trade. And “for their own pleasure” – in 2014 Andrey Kurochkin was a member of the board of directors of the Czech firm “Free Access z.u” (registration number 03379019). This firm was tied with the company “Free Access One z.u” (registration number 03939332), the Czech dumpof Mikhail Khodorkovsky* and with the offshore company “Davos Trust Company Limited” (Island of Guernsey), registration number 43502. In 2016, in Prague, there was an effort to launch a TV-project named NEPtv – “Independent European Project TV” of Inna Kurochkina. In Prague, “good-natured immigrant colleague-spiders found a pointed nickname for Inna Kurochkina – “body- and tele-journalist”

In the media space, Inna Kurochkina emerged from the depth quite recently – in November 2022 – at the Polish congress of fugitive imposters in Jablonna. There she signed some documents on behalf of the “Cabinet of Ministers of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria”, which is prohibited on the territory of the Russia Federation (By the way, at one time, on behalf of this structure, the bloody terrorist Shamil Basayev rubber-stamped documents).

Moreover, her signature as a representative of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria Inna Kurochkina made on assistance of Ilya Ponomaryov*. At the sabbat of Polish imposters, Ponomaryov separately explained why the document should carry the signature of Inna Kurochkina, representative of the Akhmed Zakayev group. “From five diaspora groups”, saidPonomaryov, “three have their own military units. But the sole group which has received, as of today, international recognition, is the Zakayev group. I say this after consultations with Ukrainian authorities, which implemented this recognition”, pointed out the defector. At the end of the day, Kurochkina and Ponomaryov registered themselves by a common signature.

Inna Kurochkina is a vocal supporter of the dismemberment of Russia. For instance, in October 2022, when the barmy Kiev regime declared “Ichkeria an occupied territory”, lady Kurochkina thanked the Supreme Rada for the taken decision and said that “the Russian Federation is, altogether, an illegal entity”, so it is necessary to implement “decolonization” of Russia and de-occupation of Ichkeria”.

The long and the short of it, Inna Kurochkina, like a parrot, repeated all tenets of the gang of fugitive Russophobes day-dreaming to dismember Russia and gathering at the “Forum of free peoples of Russia”. By the way, one of such extremist crowds took place in July 2022 in Prague. It’s in the Czech capital that Akhmed Zakayev, representative of Chechen separatists, actively pushed the idea according to which “Russia should cease to exist” and lady Kurochkina assiduously supported him.

July 2022. Prague, Inna Kurochkina, leader of the Czech affiliate of the American “Free Russia foundation”, and Akhmed Zakayev, defendant of criminal cases under Articles dealing with terrorism

Similar crowd took place in Poland as well.

May 2022, Poland, the so-called “Forum of Free Peoples of Russia”. In the center of the presidium Inna Kurochkina and the recruiter of fighters Ilya Ponomaryov – together they are pondering over “destinies of free Ichkeria”


Meanwhile, Kurochkina’s “hero of the roman”, fugitive “emissary of separatists” Zakayev, has been, up from March 2021, a defendant of the criminal case under Article 205.2, paragraph 2, of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (public calls for carrying out terrorist activity, public justification of terrorism or propaganda of terrorism). Apart from that, in October 2022, just before the Polish congress of free extremists, Akhmed Zakayev supplemented his criminal case and received another episode under Article 205.4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (organization of terrorist network and participation in it).

And, as early as on November 23, 2022, another criminal charge was launched against Zakayev Akhmed Khamitovich based on materials of Russia’s Directorate of the Federal Security Service (UFSB) on the Chechen Republic. According to the information of the Investigative Committee of the Region, Zakayev took part in the creation of the criminal network “Separate battalion of special operations of the armed forces of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria” designed for carrying out military actions on the Ukrainian territory against Russian forces.

Ukraine, Autumn of 2022, Akhmed Zakayev and Rustam Adjiyev (born 1981), also known as Abdul-Khakim Shishani, from 2015 head of the terrorist group “Adjnad al-Kavkaz” what was acting together with the International Terrorist Organization “Islamic State” and other terrorist groups against the legitimate Syrian government. Nowadays, Kiev is handing out Ukrainian citizenship to such fighters, legalizing them under the banner of the “Separate Battalion of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria”

And the body- and TV-journalist Inna Kurochkina, creature of the American organization “Free Russia Foundation”, obviously, deals not only with information supply of persons connected with extremism and terrorism, but has been also taking a rather active part in the affairs of “Ichkeria”.

Thus, from the territory of the Czech Republic, at the premises of the “Free Russia Foundation”, propaganda of extremist and terrorist activity is being performed. Connivance of authorities of European countries is obvious. Instead of clamping down, there is political complicity and sponsorship encouragement of radical activity.

At the same time, Washington has been sponsoring those who is carrying out extremist activity against Russia, including support and glorification of terrorists. The same Natalia Arno, co-founder of the Czech affiliate and head of the American “Free Russia Foundation”, is actively creating, with money from Washington sponsors, a recruiting network throughout the whole Europe. (See also the article “Necklace for State Department’s Fury: “Ark”, Reforum and Free Russia Foundation”. Who and how is recruiting Russian citizens into the rows of armed opposition”).

We would like to remind our readers that, in recent years, quite considerable sums of money have been allocated for such activities. For instance, in 2019, through Natalie Arno, were transmitted for anti-Russian activity $2,176,780, and in 2020 - $1,459,899. And these are only financial injections what the book-keeping department of the “Free Russia Foundation” is obliged to show in its financial reports and have been displayed in public domain.


And in the current year, a grant amounting to 947 thousand dollars was provided to the “Free Russia Foundation”. Its destiny, by the way, is quite interesting. The information on providing the money was found by the investigative department of the TV-channel Russia Today (RT), and it pointed out one alarming aspect – “the information on providing money to the foundation was removed from the American portal”.

This looks like a hasty covering up tracks. The more so as the practice of American sponsors with regard to “depersonalizing” money for their agents of influence is a common knowledge. “For the sake of security of executives on the ground” some expenditures are published in depersonalized form. The so-called “resume for public” contains only mentioning of a country-receiver, sum of a grant and shipping which are paid by clients.

In case with the “deleted” grant of the Bureau for Democracy, Human rights and Labor of the State Department of the United States for the “Free Russia Foundation”, they tried to hide traces, but it turned out to be awkward.

Analysts of the project Prigovor.ru has managed to find out a document corroborating allocation of money on one of the very relative-free service under the name GovTribe.

The project Grunt SAQMIP22GR0310, information about which was removed from the American portal devoted to control of state expenses

“The purpose of the project: “To fasten position of the civil society and activists from targeted countries, developing their ability to defend civil space at home and providing all-round support for safeguarding project activities of those who are forced to leave the country”

Evidently, they have already started to implement the budget to the amount of 947 thousand dollars from October 1, 2022, and the money, according to the document, will be channeled until September 29, 2023. The money will be spent by the same affiliates of the “Free Russia Foundation” that Natalia Arno have been spawning throughout the whole Europe – in the Netherlands, Belgium, and, of course, in Czech Republic. The aim of the spending – “consolidation and education of expelled prodemocracy Russians”.

Although Inna Kurochkina, Zakayev liaison employee, formally quit, in November of this year, her president’s position, the cell in Prague, continues to function, rubber-stamping calls for conducting radical anti-Russian activity.


Thus, the scheme of the sponsorship is simple: the U,S, State Department through its Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor allocates money to the “Free Russia Foundation” which goes to the European affiliates of the Foundation, to the same Prague, which it is being joyfully received by executioners of “demolishing Russia”.

In such a way, in the activity of the “Free Russia Foundation”, its head Natalia Arno and Czech employee Inna Kurochkina there are signs of criminal activity of extremist character. The activity is being conducted with the connivance of the Czech authorities, with the use of the money of the “Free Russia Foundation”**(USA). As it seems, the place for such organizations and persons is just on the “black list” of the Russian Finance Monitoring Agency (Rosfinmonitoring). And namely – on the “Index of organizations and physical persons in regard to which there is information about their belonging to extremist activity or terrorism”.
Author: Buba Filin

More details. Russian version at: «Теложурналистка» Закаева»

* Mikhail Khodorkovsky – 20.05.2022 was acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a person fulfilling functions of a foreign agent;
* Ilya Ponomaryov – 21.10.2022 was acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a person fulfilling functions of a foreign agent;
** Free Russia Foundation (USA) – was included in the list of undesirable organizations by the Ruling of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation No 814-r from 28.06.2019;
“Chechen Republic Ichkeria” – terrorist organization prohibited in the Russian Federation;
**“Islamic State” – international terrorist organization the activity of which is prohibited in numerous countries, including the Russia Federation;
**“Adjnad Al-Kavkaz” – extremist organization prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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