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Nevzlin L.B. together with Pichugin A.V. organized an attempted murder of Kostina O.N. which was carried out on November 28, 1998, in the town Moscow by Korovnikov I.O., Popov P.A., Kabatets V.N., Erbes D.P. the verdicts against whom have become final and binding.

“In the summer of 1998, Nevzlin L.B., being a member of the doard of directors and first vice-president of the OJSC Oil company ‘Yukos-Moskva”, at insisclosed collation colluded with the head of the Fourth Department of internal and economic security of the oil company Yukos (OJSC ,Yukos-Moskva’) Pichugin A.V. (accused and sentenced by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court of 30.03.2005 which has become final and binding) as well as well undisclosed persons from manager of the oil company Yukos as he was discontent with the activities of the head of the Department for public relations of the Moscow Town Hall Kostina O.N. and believed that she acted to the detriment of the oil company Yukos, and for that reason he decided to organize her murder.

With the purpose to carry into effect this criminal intention, Pichugin A.V. acting under direct instructions of Nevzlin L.B. having taking the role of organizer of the murder of Kostina O.N., at an undisclosed location, proposed to his acquaintance Gorin S.V. (the criminal prosecution against whom was dropped in connection with his death) to find persons ready to commit this crime. Apart from that, Pichugin A.V. in order to facilitate the carrying out of this murder, with the knowledge of Nevzlin L.B., handed over to Gorin S.V. a photo of the affected, specified her place of domicile in Moscow, conducted negotiations about remuneration for the killing of Kostina O.N. to the amount of 15 000 US dollars (118 575 rubles), as well as about time schedule of its carrying out.

Having accepted the proposal of Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V. with regard to killing of Kostina O.N., Gorin S.V. for participation in this crime engaged the inhabitant of the town Tambov Peshkun A.V. (accused and sentenced by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court of 30.03.2005), who agreed to take part in committing this crime, so in August 1998, being at the dacha belonging to Korovnikov I.O., located in the village Periksa of the Tambov area in the Tambov Region, by way of bribery, for material remuneration, coaxed his acquaintances Korovnikiv I.O. and Popov P.A. (accused and sentenced by the Verdict of the Tambov Regional Court of 08.06.200) into committing murder of Kostina O.N. and provided them with information about the affected and gave them, as a down payment, for carrying this crime 1500 US dollars (11 857 rubles 50 kopeks) what was handed over by Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V. via Gorin S.V.

In August 1998, Korovnikov I.O. together with Popov P.A., as well as with Kabanets V.N. (accused and sentenced by the Verdict of the Tambov Regional Court) recruited by them as one of the perpetrators of the crime, while carrying out the assignment of Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V. to take the life of Kostina O.N., on the car GaZ-24, state registration number A 290 EA РУС arrived to the house of the affected situated on the Ferganskaya Street in Moscow, where Korovnikov I.O., under a vain pretext, met with the mother of Kostina O.N. and, during the conversation with her made sure that her daughter stayed at the address, the information about which was provided by Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V. via Gorin S.V. and Peshkun A.V.

In order to implement this criminal intention, directed at killing of Kostina O.N., Korovnikov I.O., with the knowledge of Nevzlin L.B., Pichugin A.V., Gorin S.V. and Peshkun A.V., decided to use a self-made explosive device made by him together with Popov P.A. and Kabanets V.N. from two metal cylinders and smokeless gunpowder and ready to be set off with the help of a clock drive.

On November 28, 1998, about two o’clock p.m., Korovnikov V.N. together with Popov P.A., Kabanets V.N. and engaged by them as a perpetrator Erbes D.P. (also accused and sentenced by the Verdict of the Tambov Regional Court), acting at the direction of Nevzlin L.B., using the self-made explosive device, and being aware that such an explosion could cause death not only of Kostina O.N., but also other persons living in neighboring apartments, they exploded the device near the door of the apartment No XXX located at the address Moscow, Ferganskaya Street, house X, building X, in which dwelled Kostina O.N.

As the result of the explosion, window glasses in the entrance of the house were destroyed, as well as inner door jams, door checks, door frames and locks, metal door blocks, armored concrete slab floors between third and fourth floors were damaged. However, nobody from the dwellers of the house suffered.

The death of Kostina O.N. and other persons was not achieved due to circumstances beyond the control of Nevzlin L.B., Pichugin A.V., Peshkun A.V., Gorin S.V., Korovnikov I.O, Popov P.A., Kabanets V.A., Erbes D.P. and other undisclosed persons.

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