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America looks into A Mirror Above the Abyss

On the eve of the 20th anniversary 9/11 terrorist attacks, Oleg Lurye’s novel titled A Mirror Above the Abyss was published in the USA and in Great Britain earning high praise from readers, journalists and critics

America looks into A Mirror Above the Abyss

В канун 20-летия терактов 11 сентября Америка заглядывает в "Зеркало над Бездной". По данным тг-канала «Сила книги» роман Олега Лурье, изданный на английском языке в США и Великобритании, ворвался в чаты и получил восторженные отзывы критиков и СМИ.

The Independent Review of Books (USA):
«Vivid recollections skyrocket and explode, illuminating time-worn events that have puzzled us for much of the last 60 years, in A Mirror Above the Abyss, an eerie but plausible speculation on troubling historical facts by Oleg Lurye.

Elevated above a conspiracy thriller into a genre-crossing mesh of fiction and nonfiction, A Mirror Above the Abyss may have a lurid focus, but it's ultimately an eye-opening and captivating read that will have you thinking differently about world-changing events in the past, and the future».

A- SP-Review (USA):
«А dark and thrilling dive into the shadows of the past that is nearly impossible to put down. This tale not only connects the dots of a massive criminal conspiracy that rules our world, but also constructs logical and plausible frameworks that upend our common view of history. Watching these theories unpacked in such rich and fully-developed fiction is a thrill for anyone who distrusts the government's version of events. This stunning and wildly creative thriller will leave you looking over your shoulder, and taking a hard look at what suspect realities you've chosen to believe."

UK Talk Radio (United Kingdom):
«The results of Oleg Lurye's investigations, supplemented by the author’s versions of the development of events, provided the basis of his novel A Mirror Above the Abyss.

As the story unfolds, the author completely debunks well-known official versions of tragic events, referring to surprising facts and unlikely connections. At the same time, A Mirror Above the Abyss is easy to read, like a real criminal thriller.

The action takes place both in our times and, in parallel, in 1963, 1981, 1999, and 2001, when the most infamous crimes of the century happened, be it President Kennedy’s assassination or the 9/11 destruction of WTC skyscrapers».

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