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Ukraine under Alexey Arestovich. The school of occult limitless excess

The website Prigovor.ru has found out that the Alexey Arestovich, an oracle from Kiev, happens to be an adherent of the occult “secret school” of an American Jean Houston, former adviser of Hillary Clinton

Ukraine under Alexey Arestovich. The school of occult limitless excess

“In Russia, there always have been a lot of mystic and prophetic sects”, noticed the philosophe Nikolay Berdyaev back in the middle of the previous century. This statement of the Russian thinker of global renown who was born in Kiev and studied at Kiev University, was related to the same degree to all three Russias – Great, Little and White. Moreover, the philosophe condemned the fringing separatism: “Ukrainian separatist movement is the most restless and the most indignant fact with regard to plundering and disrupting Russia”.

Within Russia, divided in three uneven parts, Berdyaev’s formula about “mystical and prophetic sects” had been right, once again, although in a different extent and chronology. First, a muddy flood of magic and heeling swept through the Russian Federation, but, starting with 2000s, austral swindlers, “Kusya gods” and false Christs were rather quickly forced to go underground with the help of new laws. And in the first decade of the XXI century, a trend was definitely prevailed towards traditional religions and rational politics.

The picture was quite different in Ukraine. For a quarter of a century, starting 1990s, the double-flowering of Ukrainian “mystic and prophetic sects” became only more and more intense, but it was even more evident in private life there. And in 2014, starting from the Maidan revolt, the devildom broke forth even to state politics. The unfortunate part of Little Russia, during the first months after the coup d’état, was ruled by an Alexander Tourchinov, who in vernacular was given a nickname “bloody pastor” – he is a well-known adherent of one of charismatic sects of Pentecostals – of the so-called “church “Word of Life”.

Fighters of Nazi battalions openly performed and continue to foster foreign rituals. And this is happening in plain view of Valery Zalouzhny, Commander-in-Chief of Ukrainian armed forces, who himself wears a “sacral bracelet” with “Scandinavian patters”, to be more exact, with a slylized swastika.

A neo-pagan ritual of Nazis from the battalion “Azov” (above) and the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian armed forces Valery Zalouzhny wearing a bracelet with swastika (below)

And recently, Ukrainian government sent a bill to Ukrainian Parliament on banning the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy which means the inevitable (?!) destruction of the millenary traditional confession that formed the soul of the main part of Little Russia. In fact, Ukraine has found itself a footstep away from spiritual suicide.

One can recite for a long time facts of degeneration of the direct inheritor of Kievan Rus, the country of the novelist Nikolay Gogol and charming folk songs, yet, it’s high time to ask: who are these people who, by their deeds and energy, have been driving Ukraine in a civilized dead end characterized by the Ku Klux Klan and pagan cults?


It may seem strange, but a role of the Ukrainian “demon” number 1 has been claimed by a captivating man of 40 years and owner of a lyric baritone Alexey Arestovich also known as Lucy. Until recently, he was a free-lance adviser of the Ukrainian president. The loss of this nominal position has had no tangible influence neither on his personal well-being, nor on his astonishing popularity.

The main source of income of Alexey Arestovich was and still is the so-called School of thinking “Apeiron”. At first sight, this is one of many thousands training firms, or coaching companies that allegedly help to reach some living or professional goals. By the way, the very name of the school is symbolic: the Greek word “apeiron” is two-syllable, it consists of the negative particle “a” and the word “end” or “limit”. So, in one can translate it into contemporary English as “limitless” or “limitless excess”. Arestovich’s school of thinking “limitless excess”.

Alexey Arestovich with “apeiron” on his chest and in his head

The notoriety of Alexey Arestovich in Ukraine is so that even German journalists pungently have called him “Oracle of Kiev”. The popularity in the role of a military expert he started to assemble from 2014, but the all-Ukrainian renown came to him after the begin of the Russian Special military operation (SMO). As he himself supposedly predicted it as early as in 2019.

“Mr. Arestovich, being a person who got things rolling thanks to the theme connected to the Special military operation, has reached a level where he can become an independent figure. And he feels the tension in this elite and starts to play his own game”, pointed out Marat Bashirov, a political analyst. According to him, Arestovich already sees himself in a president’s chair.

The spouse of Alexey Arestovish has shared her innermost thoughts as well. “When we met, he said – I will be president”. They say that Arestovich is the second popular person in Ukraine after Vladimir Zelensky. As to likes and views on the Internet, he is very near the first. Here is what Alexey Arestovich said just after his dismissal: “My front is information-psychological. At my request, they have counted the coverage – 267 million views”.

The “business” of the School of thought “Limitless Excess” is closely connected to the media popularity of Alexey Arestovich as military expert – the more wide the “coverage” of the audience on the World Wide Web, the more reach becomes the Kievan oracle and the more brains are being washed during “school” lessons with strange titles. It turns out that Arestovich the coach is himself an adherer, and he uses during his classes the methods of the mentalist Jean Houston. This 86-year-old American is recognized as one of the pillars of the New Age religion, which unites various occult and esoteric movements. It is believed that the New Age reached the highest level of its blossom in 1970s. Its followers are united by the expectation of the “Great Transformation”, the coming of a new epoch that allegedly should by marked by a grandiose jump in “spiritual, cognitive and technological development of the mankind”.


As a rule, biographies of magicians, astrologists, cabbalists and mentalists turn out to be fabled, as bluff and obscured reality are part of the work specific to representatives of these infernal professions. And Arestovich is no exclusion from this rule: a number of important facts of his life seem to be preposterous and improbable, although a lot of things concerting his biography are still well-known.

He was born in 1975 in Georgia (his father was a military officer), graduated from a high school in Kiev (in 1992), then he studied for a year at the biological department of the T. Shevchenko State University in Kiev. After that his public biography would be added by different types of oddities. For instance, it is asserted that he enters the Odessa institute of ground forces, five years he has been studying at the faculty of military interpreters – and simultaneously (?!) working as actor in the Kiev theatre-studio “Black Square”. How to combine military discipline in Odessa and with artistic bohemia know only self-education magicians. 

Alexey Arestovich with alumni of the Odessa Institute of the ground forces (lower row, in the center)

It is also a confusing story about the place where Arestovich served after graduating from the military institute: in some interviews he told that he had borne the burden of military service in the Main intelligence department, in others he affirmed that he had worked in the Department of strategic investigations of the Ministry of Defense. In 2005, in the rank of captain (or major?) he discharged from the military, as, according to his words, “after the orange revolution civil authorities started to intervene in the work of the military”.

In 2003, two years before leaving the service, Arestovich began his multiyear studies in the extra-mural and intramural Internet school “A man among people” founded by the Moscow esoteric Avessalom Podvodny (it’s a pen-name, his real name is Alexander Georguiyevich Kamensky. 1953 - + 2018). In a biographic background of Avessalom it is said that “the preliminary birth of the author took place in 1953”, but “he really was born” in 1986. “During 1980s, as is specified in this biography of Arestovich’s first spiritual teacher, he chaotically studied eastern philosophy and esoteric, meditation, yoga, non-traditional heeling methods, including bioenergetic interactions, astrology, chiromancy, numerology and other occult subjects, and, apart from that, got acquainted with practicing magicians and heelers.

In 2005, Arestovich, as soon as he removed his shoulder marks, inters a neo-Nazi group called “Brotherhood” (Bratstvo)** where he at once becomes a vice of the party leader Dmitry Korchinsky, a far-right politician well-known in Ukraine. For a certain period of time, they supported the concept of the “Russian world”, speaking out against Atlanticists, Western values and NATO. “The Brotherhood” even joined in the Eurasian movement of the Russian Ideologue Alexander Dugin. Together they spoke at press-conferences taking place at the venue of the news agency RIA “Novosti”. And, of course, they were opponents of the “orange revolution”, branding in full swing “carriers of the orange plague” coming from across the ocean.  

The press-conference of the Eurasian movement: Alexey Arestovich (second left), Dmitry Korchinsky* (second right) and Alexander Dugin (far right). Moscow, 2006.

Speaking at one of such press-conferences, Arestovich, as far back as in 2005, presented his knowledge of esoteric terms

The “Orange revolution” – is a revolution of the Age of Aquarius, it’s antichristian in its essence”, noted Arestovich. “It’s pointless to set off against it hierarchic structures. It will decompose them. As our government seven minutes before the end, came over to the side of the revolution, the same will be in your country.  America has guaranteed itself total support of all – of all your neighbors, friends and relatives, but neither you, nor they will understand how it came about”.

Answering a question posed by a journalist, Arestovich sported: “Around our parties there are now two poles – the absolutely dispossessed, deprived of everything, from the one side, and highbrow intellectuals, from the other side. All the rest now are the “orange”. But this is only for the time being”.

Yet, in 2008, Arestovich with Korchinsky made a volte-face, making a sharp U-turn in the air – suddenly, they started to morph themselves into staunch supporters of Atlanticism and Anglo-Saxon world, categorically disregarding the Russian world.

The neo-Nazis from the “Brotherhood” started to promote the “strategy of the defense of Crimea” which allegedly was to defend the peninsula against an imminent Russian incursion. There is only one way to explain logically such a metamorphosis – it’s in 2008 that the State Department of the United States started to finance the program for promotion of color revolutions in the countries of the former Soviet Union. This subversive program intentionally supported Russophobic and anti-Putin activities in the crowd of neo-Nazis and ultra-right. Among Russian non-system opposition activists this was dubbed the “orange project”.

Yet, because of Arestovich’s artistic nature which never limited itself to only one occupation, he continued to integrate politics with acting. During 7 years, from 2005 to 2012, he played cameo roles in 17 movies. And only in the comedy “Don’t be afraid, I’m near” (2012) he was trusted with a leading part of a girl, a blond rookie singer Lucy Saitzeva. From that time on, the nickname Lucy has been stuck to Alexey Arerstovich.


In August 2020, Arestovich in his telegram-channel congratulated himself on the seventh anniversary of the creation of the “School of thinking “Apeiron”. A strange form of a symbolic present was chosen for the “thinker”: on a list of Whatman paper with congratulations a handful of cartridges were spread with a Finnish knife, and around it there were a hand gun, grenade and magazines for assault rifle. This installation is a usual set of a bandit, and, perhaps, the birthday child decided to play with the name of his school as a real “excess”.

Congratulations to the “occult thinker” on the 7th anniversary of the Scholl of thinking “Apeiron”

By that time, Arestovich, obviously, was strong enough in occult teachings, and the “School of thinking” became the main source on his considerable income. Still “Apeiron”, in fact, is not itemized at all in state registries, which means that it doesn’t pay taxes. In one of his interviews Arestovich said that the school provided him with up to 300 thousand hryvnas a month (a bit more that 11 thousand U.S. dollars at the exchange rate before the begin of the Special military operation), but a taxman cannot verify his words. And the “Alexey Arestovich Charity Foundation” registered in 2017, for some reason is in the stage of liquidation, although now, during the war, for every kind of foreteller a season of golden rain is in.

Alexey Arestovich’s closed firms

In 2019, the “magician Lucy” officially declared (there are, as of today, no more fresh data) his wages in the Military Unit A0105 of “Ykroboronprom” is in the amount of 55 372 hryvnias (2200 dollars at the exchange rate by that time), as well as business revenues of 1 million 354 hryvnias (54 thousand dollars). He had as his property a land parcel of 4.7 hectares and an automobile Honda CVR. Town property is not present in the tax statement of the owner of “Apeiron”. 

On the website of “Apeiron – Excess” there are no foundation documents, the domain of this cite is registered in the United States, and the name of the owner is removed from public access. Instead, “Arestovich-coach” openly shovels up real monetary notes on this site: here lectures and seminars are advertised and sold on how to think correctly, how to communicate, how to talk, read, write, take decisions and all but walk. Seminars are provided with an intriguing packaging: “Holy wound”, “Heartlessness”, “Fairy tale therapy”, “Picture of the world” and so on and so forth. The cost for one item is from 1300 to 1500 hryvnas (from 45 to 40 dollars at the current exchange rate). There are also cheaper versions – 800 hryvnas (21 dollars), but such seminars are, naturally, not conducted by Arestovich himself.

Screenshots of the pages “Teacher”, “Payment” on the website of the school “Apeiron”


Yet, the most interesting is not how much the magician Lucy pulls in and whether he pays taxes to “native and beloved Ukraine”, but what and how he teaches at his seminars. So, one of the basic seminars in “Apeiron” is called “Holy Wound”.

The announcement of the seminar “Holy Wound”

“For many years I had thought out my theory and practice of this question, and formulated a concept that I call “Holy Wound”, wrote Arestovich on his telegram-channel. The oracle from Kiev lies outrageously: this rather exotic name long before him was thought out by another person, whose name he never mentions in order not to expose at once the secondary character of his trainings. The term “holy wound” Arestovich heard for the first time from his spiritual teacher Avessalom Podvodny, who died in 2018. The proof of this is easy to find, for instance, in his book “Kabbalistic Astrology”: “The mentioned “holy wound” (the term was taken by the author from Jean Houston, but the notion itself goes back to the most ancient mysteries”, writes the occultist from Moscow. “is often represents a trace laid in the unconscious by the first serious manifestation of the chaotic demon”.

Screenshot of Avessalom Podvodny “Regained Occultism” and pages with “holy wound”

Avessalom Podvodny provides an unfold description of “holy wound” comprising of seven levels”: “Wound”, “Complex”, “Problem”, “Self-Control”, “Responsibility”, “Confidence”. “Freedom”. The same levels we see in Arestovich’s guidelines, and there he also adds something: “Transition from one level to another is an ultimate mystery, a very deep psycho-emotional experience, death and birth of a new “self” and a new world. And about essence and meaning of “Holy wound”, about ways to move from one level to another we will talk tomorrow, from 17.00 to 20.00, online”.

Screenshot of the message on Arestovich’s telegram-channel about “holy wound”

So, Alexey Arestovich hides, for some reason, that he has borrowed the idea and practice from Jean Houston, whom Avessalom Podvodny called “one of the most popular contemporary American psychologist”.


As early as in 1999, Avessalom Podvodny delivered a lecture in the district Akademgorodok of the town Novosibirsk entitled “The sacral psychology of Jean Houston”, which now has been widely spread on the Internet. “The direction which Jean Houston develops in psychology, she herself calls as follows: “Sacral psychology”, so begins his lecture Avessalom. “To me personally, the theory and practice of Jean Houston is inwardly very close, and many things she wrote about I tried in practice to reconstitute, with considerable results for me”.

As we see, Avessalom considered Jean Houston one of his main teachers, and this respectful attitude of the well-known Moscow esoteric was transferred to his Kievan pupil Arestovich.

“The psychology of Jean Houston compares favorably with other as her trainings are not geared directly toward solving specific problems”, noted Avessalom. “She deals, in the first place, with the development of human capacities. And there is second aspect distinguishing Jean Houston – she has a philosophical and theological education, as well as a wide humanitarian range of vision, and all practices that she proposes touch something laying deep in each human being in his inner world…”  

Jean Houston

Further, the lecturer told about “altered states of consciousness”, which had been reached by Houston with the help of “psychedelic medications”. He cited one book written by Houston: “Our occupations before 1965 with LCD and later, without the use of narcotics, lead to what we call the six-level topography of imagination process, corresponding to four levels of psyche”.

“She has had a massive scope of practical work with people, mostly with groups, in different countries and cultures”, summed up Avessalom. “And this typology of hers about which I will tell you now, is the result of compilation of a vast amount of empirical materials”.

Jean Houston was born in 1937 in New-York, in a family of a comedian screenwriter. She has a PhD in philosophy, in 1960 she participated in the approved by the U.S. government investigative project on learning the effect of LSD. Together with her husband, she wrote a book “The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience” where she describes in detail “the widened cognitions and creative capabilities of participants, experienced under the influence of LSD”.

In 1972, she and her husband published a book called “Mind Games”, where the authors describe in detail how, with the help of bodily movements, to reprogram the brain for different perceptions of the world. John Lennon called these “mind games” “one of the most important books of our time”. In 1982 Jean Houston taught at a seminar based on the concept of “ancient schools of mysteries”.

The American professor Robert Todd Carroll gave an exhaustive characteristic of Houston’s “psychedelic” in his book “The Skeptic’s Dictionary: A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions”. In the section of the book entitled “Houston, Jean and her Mysterious School” we read: “The Mystery school” of the Dr. Jean Houston is another in a long line of “New Age” self-help and personality transforming program”. And in the preface to that article the author cites William R. Bryant Jr. (Republican Leader Emeritus, Michigan House of Representatives): “She (Houston) sees through who are charlatans and huskers, ripping people off with New Age drivel or playing on fear instead of engaging in loving play”.

Screenshot of the article from the Dictionary entitled “Jean Houston and the Mystery School”

“Houston lures people on her hook of fears using some common New Age bait: pain, suffering and dissatisfaction with life that need to be relieved”, writes Carroll. “Houston tells her listeners: “You’ve wounded up the gazoo. I always say: “You are so full of holes from being so wounded, you’re holy. You’re utterly available now”.

However, the professor-skeptic notes: “She may be right in saying that her Mystery School is intellectually vigorous. Maybe it’s even more intellectually vigorous than the ancient schools of Egypt, Greece, etc. How will she succeed where so many others have failed to unlock the secrets of the universe and provide a sure path for those who are so full of potential, who are striving so hard to burst forth and transform into something wonderful, something great, something celebrational, transformational, empowered? The only way to find out for sure is to pay money and go to school (of Jean Houston)”.

“It would not surprise anyone if it turns out that Jean Houston’s biography is a piece of fiction, a heroic myth spun in her imagination out of the fabric of her desires”, pointed our Carroll. “She is one of New Age philosophers for whom “deep” truth is something you create”.

Yet, in the United States a skeptical attitude towards seminars of Jean Houston is regarded as something just about marginal. And how: this specialist in altered consciousness was official adviser of Hillary Clinton, the spouse of the U.S. president from the Democratic Party. In 2008, Robin Abcarian, a columnist of the newspaper “The Los-Angeles Times” published an article with a following subtitle: “Recently, as Hillary Rodham Clinton campaigned in Eugene, one-time friend and mentor Jean Houston was at home in her double geodesic dome”.

“Houston got to know the Clintons at the end of 1994 when they invited a small group of best-selling self-help authors to Camp David over New Year’s Eve”, writes Ms. Abcarian. “Both Hillary and President Clinton were reeling from defeats and searching for a way to get back on track”.

In March 1995, Houston helped Clinton to prepare for a visit to Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh – “a trip that helped soften Clinton’s image, particularly when she was photographed riding an elephant with her daughter Chelsea”.

“During the first Clinton administration”, the article points out, “over the course of a year and a half, Houston and her friend, cultural anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson, helped Hillary Clinton arrive at a new understanding of her office”. Apart from that, the journalist told in passing that Houston had organized for Hillary and Bill Clinton a spiritual séances and imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi. After that “The New York Post” and “The Daily News” called Houston “Hillary’s guru”, and “The Boston Herald” nicknamed her “a spiritual mentor of the First Lady”.

Nowadays, when the Clintons’ clan is built in the so-called “deep state” what allegedly govern the United States, the role of Jean Houston has become even higher: from “Hillary’s guru” she has turned into a Guru of the deep state. And it’s quite evident that Alexey Arestovich completely follow in the footsteps of the grandmother of American occultism, and he nothing less than has his sights on becoming a guru of the former Orthodox Ukraine.

Still, the president Vladimir Zelensky is hardly in need of his supernatural services, as he is accustomed to independently alter his consciousness with the help of  coke lines. There is no telling – the president’s chair, as political analysts think, could be taken by Valery Zalouzhny, who is under the occult spell of the magician Lucy.

Valery Zalouzhny and Alexey Arestovich

They say that Arestovich conducts for Zalouzhny spiritual séances during which the spirit of Stepan Bandera is invoked and speak. It has been impossible to corroborate this hearsay, but, at least, there are documents testifying that the Kievan oracle and the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian armed forces are in close informal relations.

The professor Robert Carrol sarcastically noted: “Americans will tolerate lying for a good and country, or about sex, but are a bit harder on those who lie for greed or self-aggrandizement. If, indeed, it turns out that Jean Houston is a congenital liar, there will be the inevitable cynics who will claim that Bill or Hillary is Jean’s guru, not the other way around”.

And if Ukrainians will turn out not like the Americans, then, in place of American cynics, there will emerge Ukrainian patriots who will overthrow the rule of pathological liars of Kievan junta.
Author: Alexey Chelnokov

Russian version at: «Украина под Арестовичем. Школа оккультного беспредела»

* Корчинский Дмитрий Александрович, 22.01.1964 г.р. , г. Киев УССР. Перечень террористов и экстремистов (действующие), № 3361.
** Украинское военизированное националистическое объединение «Азов» (другие используемые наименования: батальон «Азов», полк «Азов»), под № 41 включён в
Единый федеральный список организаций, в том числе иностранных и международных организаций, признанных в соответствии с законодательством Российской Федерации террористическими (решение Верховного Суда Российской Федерации, от 02.08.2022 № АКПИ22-411С, вступило в силу 10.09.2022)
** Украинская организация «Братство», под № 41 включена в перечень общественных объединений и религиозных организаций, в отношении которых судом принято вступившее в законную силу решение о ликвидации или запрете деятельности по основаниям, предусмотренным Федеральным законом от 25.07.2002 № 114-ФЗ «О противодействии экстремистской деятельности»
(решение Верховного Суда Российской Федерации от 17.11.2014

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