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“The defendant Nevzlin L.B., during the preliminary investigation, at the interrogation as a witness of July 4, 2003, said that he, from 1996, had been in the position of first deputy president of the board of the oil company Yukos, and was one of the main shareholders of the company. During his work in the company, he had supervised directions connected with formation of climate in the stuff, interactions between the press and public, security service. In [articular, it was he who recommended Shestopalov M.I. to the position of head of security service of the company. He also invited to work in the company as adviser of the board of the bank ‘Menatep’ Kostina and Shakhnovsky in the oil company Yukos.

Kostina, after dismissal, worked for some time in the administration of Moscow city. The mass media he learned that there had been an explosion bear the door of Kostina’s apartment. While meeting with him, she asked about those who possible could have been involved in that explosion, including about possible involvement in the explosion of representatives of Yukos, and that made him feel offended, as no one from employees of the oil company Yukos could possibly have anything to do with the explosion. With Pichugin A.V. he is acquainted as with an employee of the company, together they made a trip to the Caucasian Reserve, as he was part of the escort group. He had never any personal contact with Pichugin, he him no assignment, including through Shestopalov M.U. and didn’t discussed it with him.
(Volume No 4, pages of the file 44-49)

Accused of organizing this crime by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court of 30.03.2005, Pichugin refuse to give evidence during the current session, referring to the right provided by Article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

However, the culpability of the defendant Nevzlin L.B. of organizing this crime is being confirmed the following testimonies:

- Statement of Peshkun A.B. of 22.07.2003, as well as of July 12 and 19, 2004, to the Moscow City Court, according to which he reports that Pichugin and his chief Nevzlin are implicated in organizing the attempted murder of Kostina, Kolesov, Rybin, and in the murder of the Gorins.
(Volume No 6, page of the file 124; volume No 60, pages of the file 19, 23-24)

- Testimony, both during the preliminary investigation and in the present court session of Peshkun A.V., accused by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court of 30.03.2005, convicted of incitement to the attempted murder of Kostina O.N., from which it is clear that he has been acquainted with Gorin since 1992. During the period 1993-1994, worked for him as a chauffeur in the town Tambov in the firm ‘Algoritm’ dealing t with collecting money from population. The head of this enterprise was Gorin. In 1996, Gorin, after his firm ‘Algoritm’ had ceased to exist, started to deal with the opening of a subsidiary of the Moscow bank ‘Menatep’ in the town Tambov. Gorin went to Moscow where he carried out negotiations with the management of the bank ‘Menatep’. From conversations with him, he understood that Gorin had contacted with the employee of the security service Pichugin, who had promised to help him with finding a job.

In August 1999, Gorin proposed to him, for monetary remuneration amounting to 5000 US dollars (at the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia at the moment that equaled 39 525 rubles), to commit a crime in Moscow against a man and a woman, who, allegedly, were engaged in commercial activities. He, in his turn, proposed to Popov to commit these crimes. Then Popov introduced him to Korovnikov as a person who would decide issues connected with committing crimes.

Later he met he with Korovnikov at a dacha, located not far from the town Tambov, where Korovnikov informed him about his readiness to commit these crimes. Having discussed conditions of committing crimes and the sum of the remuneration to the amount of 3000 US dollars, he handed over to Korovnikov the addresses of places of domicile of Kolesov and Kostina, photos from their personal files, that earlier had been given to him by Gorin, who, for committing these crimes, was to receive 20 000 US dollars, and 6 000 dollars of that sum he planned to pay to executors of the crimes.

During the discussion about methods of committing the crimes against Kostina, it was proposed to use acid in order to sprinkle it to her face, or to use an explosive device. Then Gorin provided telephone numbers that Korovnikov was to use after committing the crimes. Korovnikov, together with his acquaintances, repeatedly went to Moscow for founding out itineraries of movements of Kolesov and Kostina, approaches to their places of domicile. Later, they made an explosion in the entrance where Kostina’s mother lived. Afterwards, from the words of Gorin, it became clear to him that this crime had committed other persons.

He got acquainted with Pichugin in 1997-1998 through Gorin who said that Pichugin was the head of the security service of the oil company Yukos. The meeting took place near Pichugin’s office on Vavilov Street, house 23 in Moscow. The last several years Gorin and Pichugin were in close contact with each other, and they also dealt with illegal matters. After failed attempted murders against Kostina, conflicts arose between Gorin and Pichugin. After Apprehension of the executors of the crime against Kostina O.N., Gorin, during a meeting with him (Peshkun) asked him to go away, for a while, and explained that he had received the instruction from Pichugin to physically eliminate him in order to prevent leaks of information. Having seen them together, Pichugin started to express claims to Gorin.

Later, there was a conflict between Gorin and Pichugin in connection with Gorin’s intention to blow a whistle about the involvement of Pichugin and his chief Nevzlin in organizing crimes against Kolesov and Kostina. Gorin started to fear for his life, in particular, when he was one again going to a regular meeting with Pichugin, and he warned that, in case he would not return, then it would be necessary to contact his (Gorin’s) wife, as she would know that to do in such a situation and was armed with information pertaining to Pichugin.

His assumptions about involvement of Puchigin and Nevzlin as organizers of the attempted murders against Kostina, Kolesov, Rybin and murder of the Gorins are based on veracious information received by him from Gorin S.V. In talking to him, Gorin repeatedly said that not only Pichugin was organizer of crimes, namely of the attempted murders of Rybin, Kostina and Kolesov, but there was a more powerful organizer – Nevzlin.

The first talk with Gorin about the involvement of Nevzlin in the mentioned crimes, took place approximately in 1999, when he and Gorin S.V. were in Moscow, on the Sakharov Prospect, near the bank ‘Menatep’ Gorin S.V. came out from the premises of the bank and was waiting for someone. They started to talk about executants of orders pertaining to Kolesov and Kostina. In the words of Gorin, Pichugin handed over money to him and executed instructions of Nevzlin pertaining to carrying our ‘orders’. In particular, Gorin S.V. connected Nevzlin’s name with the attempted murders of Kolesov, Kostina and Rybin. Before this conversation with Gorin, he had never heard the name Nevzlin, and he had not known who this man had been. He learned it only from Gorin that Nevzlin was Pichugin’s chief and that he stood behind all attempted murders of Kostina, Kolesov and Rybin.

Earlier, during the preliminary investigation he didn’t provide evidence with regard to the involvement of Nevzlin L.B. in murders and in organization of them, because he had feared for his life and health, as well as for life and health of his close relatives.
(Volume No 1, pages of the file 121-126, 219-227, 265-267; volume No 3, pages of the file 148-151; volume No 4, pages of the file 52-55; volume No 8, pages of the file 48-53, 57-64, 99-108, 114-118, 226-231; volume No 9, pages of the file 79-82, 110-124, 157-169; volume No 10, pages of the file 51-52, 86-95; volume No 11, pages of the file 198-202; volume No 60, pages of the file 29-42; volume No 41, pages of the file 33-64; No 60, pages of the file 29-42)

The court recognized the evidence of Peshkun A.V. in relation to what Gorin repeatedly had told him about the organizers of the attempted murders of Kostina, Kolesov, Rybin, apart from Pichugin, also about Nevzlin, as about more powerful executive officer, as veracious, as they are corroborated by other proofs, namely, by:

- Testimony of the witness Popov P.A. both during the preliminary investigation and in court, according to which Peshkun, in August 1998, approached him with a proposal to find acquaintances to talk to two business men – a man and a woman. About the proposal that came from Peshkun he informed Korovnikov who wanted to meet with Peshkun personally.

At the end of August, Korovnikov asked him and Kabanrts to come to Moscow. Korovnikov showed them photos of a man and a woman and named them – Kolesov and Kostina, and then they returned to the town Tambov. Korovnikov met with Pesgkun and told him that it would be difficult to commit a crime against Kolesov.

Peshkun proposed to postpone the commitment of the crime for a certain time against Kolesov, and to deal only with Kostina. Peshkun gave him his Moscow’s telephone number and asked to call before executing the order with regard to Kostina, and warned him that he should present himself from his, Peshkun’s name.

Fore going to Moscow, Peshkun from his house telephone, called the number provided by Peshkun. The call was answered by a man, whom he told that the group was leaving for Moscow. Having come to Moscow, Korovnikov, disguised as an employee of the company ‘Mosenergo, visited the apartment of Kostina. After that, Korovnikov reported that Kostine was either on a business trip, or on vacation. They returned to Tambov where Korovnikov and Peshkun met several times to discuss the question of Kostina. After the latest meeting, they went to Moscow and took with them Erbes. In Moscow, Korovnikov, at the Paveletsky Rail station, met with Peshkun who came to the meeting in the car ‘Jeep’ followed by another SUV car with several people in it. On that ‘Jeep’ that Peshkun came on to Paveletsky railway station, had a state registration number of the Moscow region. Peshkun, on this very car, came to the station of to a service station in the town Tambov. This time, there was another man with Peshkuv with whom he behaved himself obligingly.
(Volume No 4, pages of the file 10-17, 107-109; volume No 6, pages of the file 190-196; volume No 9, pages of the file 170-174; volume No 41, pages of the file 113-122; volume No 10, pages of the file 272-273, 289-294)

- Testimony of the witness of Korovnikov I.O., given by him at interrogations in the capacity of defendant, as well in the current courtroom, according to which he, had known Peshkun from 1997. In August 1998, his acquaintance Popov addressed him with a request to provide help to a group of persons in Moscow in connection with repayment of debt of a man and a woman, who also lived in Moscow. In case of positive decision of the matter, a certain inhabitant of Moscow would pay 3000 US dollars. As it became clear later, the mane of the woman was Kostina, and the name of the man was Kolesov. Later on that month, Peshkun came to his dacha located in the village Pereksa, Tambov Region, she he, withing the framework of preparing the crime against Kostina and Kolesov, handed over to them a sum of money to the amount of 1 500 US dollars (at the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia at that moment the sum was equal to 11 857 rubles, 50 kopeks). For committing this crime, they gave a month.

During one of the trips to Moscow, he, together with Popov and Kabanets, stalked Kolesov. In fact, it was he, who, disguised as an employee of the firm ‘Mosenergo’, during the conversation with Kolesov’s wife, assured himself that Kolesov dwelled at the address that had been given to him by Peshkun, he also learned that Kolesov heks a sight position in the system of the bank ‘Menatep’. The collected information, including going to work and returning from work, he transmitted to Peshkun. During further conversations with Peshkun, the latter told that, in case of killing the mentioned persons, the volume of remuneration would be increased. Later on, the amount of remuneration for the murder of Kostina and Kolesov was increased to 15 000 US dollars (118 575 rubles at the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia at that moment).

However, at the beginning of November 1998, Peshkun informed that the crime against Kolesov had been committed by other persons, who had received for that 5 000 US dollars. He let Peshkun know about his intention to use an explosive device with regard to Kostina. Later, Peshkun himself spoke about an explosive device, explaining that the responsibility for that explosion could be placed on persons of Chechen nationality.

Peshkun said that the order to murder Kostina and Kolesov came from Pichugin. Before, actually, committing this crime against Kostina, there was a preliminary meeting with the ordering customer of this crime that took place near Paveletsky Railway Station in Moscow. To this meeting, Peshkun and Gorin went in one car, and in the second was Pichugin, who didn’t come of the car, but she saw him through the through the car’s window. During the meeting, Peshkun came up to Pichugin’s car and coordinated with him terms of committing the crime.

Peshkun handed him over a telephone number of a person whom it would be necessary to inform about the committing the crime against Kostina, saying that the ordering customer would fly out of Russia to guarantee his alibi. The conditions pertaining to committing of the crime against Kostina and Kolesov, Peshkun coordinated with Gorin, who, as far as he knew, was his boss. Pekhkun presented him (Korovnikov), Popov, Kabanets and Erbes to Gorin as executors of the crime against Kostina. After the explosion made near Kostina’s apartment, Gorin and Peshkun said that all had gone well and that Pichugin had been satisfied, and in the words of the latter, he heeded people who both blow and kill, and he had also promised to pay a bonus to the amount of 2 000 US dollars. Yet, Gorin, referring the fact that ordering customers of the crime had refuse to pay money, did give them the promised bonus.

Not trusting to Gorin and Peshkun, he, in January 1999, called in Moscow a person who, after committing the crimes, asked to call him in order to guarantee and alibi. He told of the phone that he was from the brigade of builders from the town Tambov who, in effect, were dealing with the renovation of the entrance of the house. The man understood what it was about, and, calling him by name, proposed to him to come to Moscow, to the same place where earlier their meeting had taken place. Moreover, he had to be dressed in the same clothes as directly before the explosion. That is, during the conversation, the exact place was not mentioned, but it was clear that the meeting would take place on Paveletsky railway station.

He came to the place of the meeting ahead of time, and, while he was approaching the central entrance, somebody called him by name. He looked back and saw Pichugin.

In the course of the talk, Pichigin, approved the explosion, however, stressed that the crime against Kostina had to be fulfilled to the end. Then, using harsh words for Gorin, gave to understand that Gorin had received considerable sums of money for committing crimes against Kostina and Kolesov, and explained that the executors who had committed the crime against Kolesov, had received a monetary remuneration to the amount of 5 000 US dollars.

On the presented during the interrogation photos, he (Korovnikov) he pointed to Puchugin and Gorin as persons who had conducted negotiations with Peshkun about monetary remuneration for the execution of the murder of Kostina and Kolesov.
(Volume No 3, pages of the file 179-186; volume No 4, pages of the file 104-106: volume No 6, pages of the file 42-51, 73-88, 174-178; volume No 7, pages of the file 82-88; volume No 8, pages of the file 247-251; volume No 9, pages of the file 87-95, 95-109; volume 10, pages of the file 270271, 280-282; volume No 61, pages of the file 59-66; volume No 41, pages of the file 75-113)

- Protocol of the face to face confrontation between the witness Korovnikov I.O. and the defendant Pichugin A.V. of 05.09.2003, according to which Korovnikov confirmed evidence he had given earlier about involvement of Pichugin in organizing the crime against Kostina (volume No 7, pages of the file 42-57)

- Protocol of face to face confrontation of the witness Korovnikov I.O with the defendant Pechkun A.V. of 28. 19. 2003, according to which they discussed at their meetings methods of killing of Kolesov V.L. and Kostina O.N., and about this during the identification meeting told Korovnikov A.V. and confirmed Peshkun A.V. (volume No 8, pages of the file 32-36)

- Testimony of the witness Kabanets V.N., both during the preliminary investigation and in court, from which is clear that. In 1999, Korovnikov proposed to him and Popov to come to Moscow in order to commit a crime against Kolesov and Kostina, and for that it was promised to pay a remuneration to the amount of 2 000 US dollars. His actions connected with committing of the crime, Korovnikov coordinated with someone in Moscow. While in Moscow, Korovnikov, under the guise of an employee of the firm ‘Mosenergo’, visited the apartments of Kolesov and Kostina. After that, he and Korovnikov assembled an explosive device and later, acting together with Korovnikov, Popov and Erbes, they made an explosion near the door of Kostina’s apartment. According to words of Korovnikov, he understood that persons who had ordered the crime against Kostina, were dangerous also for them (for Kabanets, Korovnikov, Popov and Erbes.
(Volume No 4, pages of the file 73-79; volume 7, pages of the file 99-103; volume No 10, pages of the file 264-267, 283-285)

- Similar testimony of the witness Erbes D.P. both during the preliminary investigation and in court, according to which, in 1998, he, Korovikov and Popov came to Moscow , rented an apartment, and, on the next day, came to Paveletsky Railway Station, where Korovnikov met with people that arrived on a SUV and with whom he agreed on an explosion near the door of Kostina’s apartment. Then Korovnikov, together with Kabanets and Popov, finished making the exploding device which they placed near the door of Kostina’s apartment, and then sounded an explosion. Korovnikov said that they would receive 3 000 US dollars, but later, in Tambov, he said they would not pay the promised money as they had not made their work to the end and the purpose had not been reached.
(Volume No 4, pages of the file 100-103; volume No 7, pages of the file 78-81; Volume No 10, pages of the file 268-269, 286-288)

-Testimony of the affected Kostina O.N., both during the preliminary investigation and un court, according to which she, in 1992, made acquaintance with the first deputy of the head of the group ‘Menatep’ Nevzlin, who, helped to helped her then with job placement in this organization, where he met her future husband Kostin, and that cause a sharp negative reaction of Nevzlin, and he made an attempt to fire Kostin. Further, she assumed the office of Khodorkovsky’s adviser. At the same time, Nevzlin continued to aggravate the relations with her husband, so, in this connection, she was forced to quit the company. Moreover, Nevzlin gave her to understand that further career of her husband would depend on her behavior.

A year later, she worked out a concept of regional relations for the Moscow City Hall, that arose interest in the Administration of Moscow. Shakhnovsky, after having read the concept, said that it was necessary to coordinate it with Nevzlin, otherwise the document would not be moved. From the words of her acquaintance Savelyev, she learned that Nevzlin, in a conversation with him, had told that the document would not be moved until she would come to him to receiving his approval. She managed to meet on her own with the mayor of Moscow and, after the signing of the agreement, became a free-lance adviser of the mayor.

During her regular meeting with Nevzlin, the latter said that she was his own person and she should be that way notwithstanding her place of work, but she didn’t agree with his words. After that, her project was closed, and the relations of her husband with Nevzlin worsened. Apart from that, Nevzlin repeatedly was saying to her husband that she, working against him (Nevzlin, in the City Hall, influence negatively the mayor Luzhkov and infringed the work of his best friend Shakhnovsky, who, at this moment, already worked in the company Yukos. Moreover, Shakhnovsky and Nevzlin, acting in the interests of the oil company Yukos, started to exert pressure on her. During a conversation, Nevzlin told her husband that the company would take measures in order to defend its interests from her. Under such circumstances, she, who knew Nevzlin, admits that he has taken the decision to punish her.

Apart from that, the head of the analytical department of Yukos Kondaurov A.P. constantly reminded her that if Nevzlin would decide, she would be instantly fired. Later on, Nevzlin, during a telephone conversation with her, accused her in connection with the problems in the management of the CJSC ‘Moscow Youth Palace’ of Moscow. After that, Nevzlin, demonstrating his knowledge about possible attempts on her life, advised her to make use of bodyguards.

Several months later, namely on 28.11.1998, on the stairwell landing near her apartment, the was an explosion. Information about her place of place of domicile, her application form and a photo she had given to employees of the personnel department. From her mother’s words, she learned that shortly before the explosion, an unknown man had asked questions about her (Kostina) who had introduced himself and as employee of the company ‘Mosenergo’. Having understood that the committed crime was connected with her work, she quitted, Then Nevzlin started actively to propose friendship to her, and during their conversations, put forward possible versions about the crime committed against her, and arose in her suspicions about the involvement Nevzlin in this crime.

Later on, from offices of law enforcement bodies, she learned that the executors of the explosion had been apprehended, and they were inhabitants of the town Tambov and that employees of the security service of the bank ‘Menatep’ had also been involved in this crime. Nevzlin was also informed about the involvement of employees of ‘Menatep’ in the committed crime.
(Volume No 3, pages of the file 167-173; volume No 4, pages of the file 110-111; volume N0 41, pages of the file 171-179; volume No 74, pages of the file 83-85)

- Testimony if the witness of Kostin K.N. both during the preliminary investigation and in court, who also explained that, in the course of a telephone conversation with Nevzlin, the latter expressed claims at the address of his wife Kostina saying that she way trying to set Luzhkov so that he would withdraw the ‘Moscow Youth Palace’ from him (Nevzlin). At the end of 1997, in a conversation with Nevzlin, the latter said that Kostina should help Shakhnovsky, who was at the moment, the executive officer of the Moscow City Hall, as he represented the interests of the group. Any other behavior of Kostina would be regarded as a threat to the interests of the company Yukos.

In the night of November 29, 1998, near the door of the apartment on Ferganskaya Street in Moscow, where they had dwelled together with his wife not long before that and were registered there, an explosion happened, there lived their kid with his wife’s parents. He is of opinion that this explosion was initiated by the security service of Yukos with the purpose to kill Kostina, who, at that moment, had a conflict with Nevzlin, who was unsatisfied with her activities in the City Hall of Moscow and demanded that she would give him information about her work and, as well as about other questions being solved in the City Hall, but Kostina categorically refused to do that.

According to his opinion, the order to organize the explosion was formulated by Pichugin who often communicated with Nevzlin in the office and beyond it, as he had seen Nevzlin and Pichugin with their families in the restaurant ‘The Tzar’s Hunt’ (Tsarskaya Okhota). He (Kostin) also thinks believes it possible that Shestopalov and Nevzlin participated in organizing this crime, as, apart from Nevzlin, his wife Kostina, at that time, had no other conflicts, and it was Nevzlin who oversaw the activity of the security service of of the oil company Yukos and bank ‘Menatep’.
(Volume No 3, pages of the file 174-178; volume No 4, pages of the file 112-113; volume No 41, pages of the file 157-168)

- Testimony in court of the witnesses Golovkin A.P. and Grigoryeva M.P., from which it follows that they lived the apartment XX, house X on Ferganskaya Street in Moscow, next to the Chistenkovs, with whom they, until recently, lived their daughter Kostina Olga, who moved to another apartment, but she constantly came to visit her parents, In the night of November 28, 1998, on the stairwell landing, near the apartment of Kostina, an explosion occurred , from which the doors of the apartments on this stairwell landing were damaged as well as the floor deck, bot nobody from the dwellers suffered. The explosion occurred close of the door of Kostina’s apartment.

- Copy of the work record book of Kostina O.N., data from her credentials, according to which Kostina O.N., from 25.07.1994 to 01.02.1995 occupied the position of a consultant of the president of the board of the bank ‘Menatep’. From 01.02.1995 to 14.11.1995 she occupied the position of deputy head of the department of coordination and analysis of the information center of the management service. From 1996 to 1998 he was an adviser of the mayor of Moscow, and from 1998 to 1999 she occupied the position of the head of the PR-service of the Moscow city Hall.

(Volume No 80, pages of the file 209-220)

- Copy of the work record book of Pichugin A.v. according to which Pichugin A.V. from 21.04.1994 to 30.09.1998 occupied the position of an employee of the security department of the bank ‘Menatep’, including the position of the head of a division of the security department of the bank. From 01.10.1998 to 30.09.1999 was appointed head of a division of the security department of the oil company Yukjos.

(Volume No 21, pages of the file 155-157)

- Protocol of the examination of the scene of the event from 28.11.1998, according to which, in the Xth entrance of the house No X, on Ferganskaya Street in Moscow, near the vestibule door of the apartments No XX and No XX was found an cylindrical object from a metal of white color, lengths 165 mm, diameter 55 mm, with a deformed body. On the floor of the vestibule are spread little pieces of concrete and glazed tiles. The right down part of the door is bended insight and has a hole in it of irregular form, dimensions 255x250 mm. At the distance of 100 mm from the vestibule door, there are chaotically spread elements of the clock mechanism and metallic fragments. On the stairwell landing between the 3th and the 2th floor, four batteries ‘Duracell’ were found and two batteries ‘Energizer’ with parts of adhesive tape. Behind the garbage chute, a hand smoke grenade was found with the marking ‘X’
(Volume 4, pages of the file 72-86)

- Conclusion of the expert No 12/K-615 of December 19, 1998, according to which, during the examining of the metallic object of cylinder form with a deformed body frame, hand smoke grenade, elements of a clock mechanism, 16 metallic fragments of different forms, parts of the framework, and in was established that, on 28.1..1998, in the Xth entrance of the house No X, building X, on Ferganskaya Street in Moscow a home-made explosive device was blown, which consisted of (then follow technical data that we drop – editorial board of FLB.ru). All mentioned parts of the self-made explosive device were assembled in a self-made frame, cardboard and insulation polymer tape.

For activating this self-made explosive device, an electrical method of detonation. A possible reason of the failure of the found device, found on the scene of the event, was the premature damage of a lamp spiral with a removed flask, used as a means of detonation (electric burner).
(Volume No 40, pages of the file 1-10)

- Verdict of the Moscow City Court that has become final and biding, of March 30, 2005, according to which the head of the 4th division of internal and economic security of the oil company Yukos Pichugin A.V. is found guilty of organizing the attempted murder of Kostina O.N., and Peshkun is found guilty of instigating to the attempted murder of Kostina O.N.
(Volume No 4, pages of the file 4-12)

Thus, by provided proofs, the guilt of the defendant Nevzlin L.B. of organizing, together with Puchugin, the attempted murder of Kostina in connection with her official activities, by the mentioned person, using generally dangerous method, for hire, has been completely established, however, this crime was not brought to completion due to circumstances beyond their control, as Kostina was not killed, and only the entrance of the house was damaged.

Argument of the defense of Nevzlin L.B. that during the court’s investigation the criminal collusion of Nevzlin and Pichugin directed at the murder of Kostina, was not proved, and not proved the opinion of Nevzlin that Kostina, working in the City Hall of Moscow, acted contrary to the interests of the company Yukos, the court holds unfounded, as, during the court sessions, was voraciously established that Nevzlin, being the first deputy president of the board of the OJSC ‘Yukos-Moskva’, and responsible for PR campaigns and overseeing the security service, was unsatisfied with the activities of the employee of the Moscow City Hall Kostina, and supposing that she acted against the interests of the oil company Yukos, in the summer of 1998, entered in criminal collusion with Pichugin directed at the murder of Kostina, and after that Pichugoin, through Gorin and Peshkun, hired persons who were who were ready to commit this crime, that is Korovnikov, Kabanets, Erbes, Popov, who, by generally dangerous method, made an explosion near the door of Kostina’s apartment, but, due to circumstances beyond their control, Kostina didn’t suffer.

These facts are corroborated by evidence of Kostina, her husband Kostin K., interrogated as witnesses Peshkun, Popov, Korovnikov, Kabanets, Erbes, neighbors of Kostina Golovkin and Grigoryeva, protocol of the examination of the scene of the event, conclusion of the explosive ordnance examination’’.

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