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Nevzlin L.B. together with Pichugin A.V. organized the murder of Gorin S.V. and Gorina O.M. committed on November 20, 2002, in the community Raduzhny of the town Tambov by persons undisclosed by the investigation

“The same Nevzlin L.B., aware that Gorin S.V. disposed information about his (Nevzlin L.B.) connection with organizing of the mentioned above crimes, in particular crimes against of Korneyeva V.A., Petukhov V.A., Kokoshkin V.E., Kolesov V.L., Kostina O.N., Rebin Y.L., Fedotov N.V., Ivanov A.Y., Filippov Y.L. as well as of other his illegal actions, and was going to make these documents and information public, in November 2002, he (Nevzlin L.B.), at an undisclosed location, colluded with the head of the fourth Department of internal and economic security of the oil company Yukos (OJSC ‘Yukos-Moskva’) Pichugin A.V. (accused and sentenced by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court of 30.03.2025 which is final and binding) and some undisclosed persons from the management of the company Yukos, in order to conceal crimes committed by him (by Nevzlin L.B.) organized the murder of Gorin S.V. and his spouse Gorina O.M.

In November 2002, at the direction of Nevzlin L.B., Pichugin A.V., under unclear circumstances, found persons undisclosed by the investigation ready, for remuneration, to commit murder of the Gorins.

On November 20, 2002, about 19.40 p.m., persons undisclosed by the investigation, in fulfilment of criminal intention, gained entry into the house No XX on Yasnaya Street of the community Raduzhny of the town Tambov, closed underage Gorin O.S., Gorin A.S. and Ismailov D.A. in the bathroom. One of the assailants hit over the head with the handle of the gun Ismailov D.A. who tried to resist, and caused him a craniocerebral injury as well as an injury of the right temporal area, which entailed a short-term health problem not more than 3 weeks but not less than 6 days. The assailants waited the return home of the Gorins and, in pursuance of the directions given by Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V., committed the murder of the Gorins with the use of fire arms, and after that transported the corpses to an undisclosed location.

The defendant Nevzlin L.B. failed to appear in court hearing when this case was discussed and then failed to appear in court in connection with the he was beyond the territory of the Russian Federation, that is why the trail of this case was carried out in the absence of the defendant Nevzlin L.B. in accordance with Article 247, paragraph 5, of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation”.

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