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Nevzlin L.B. together with Pichugin A.V. organized (a second) an attempted murder of Rybin Y.L., the killing of Fedotov N.B. and an attempted murder of Filippov Y.L committed on March 5, 1999, between the Kiyevskoye highway and the village Nikolo-Khovanskoye of the Lenin’ district in the Moscow Region by Tsigelnik Y.A. and Reshetnikov Y.B. with collaboration of Shapiro V.V. with the Verdicts against them, as of now, have been final and binding

“In December 1998, Nevzlin L.B. being a shareholder and first president of the board of directors of the oil company Yukos, at an undisclosed location entered into a criminal conspiracy with the head of the Fourth Department of internal and economic security of the oil company Yukos (OJSC ‘Yukos-Moskva’) Pichugin A.V. (accused and sentenced by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court from 06.08.2007) and undisclosed persons from the management of the oil company Yukos, directed at taking life of the managing director of the company ‘East Petroleum Handelsgaz m.B.H.’ Rybin Y.L. upon the initiative of whom several legal claims had been filed pertaining to cost recovery for damage caused the illegal activities of Yukos to the company ‘East Petroleum Handelsgaz m.b.H.’ connected through mutual business activities with the OJSC ‘Tomskneft’ VNK on exploitation of the oils fields ‘Zapadno-Poludenny’ and ‘Krapivinskoye’ oil fields.

In order to fulfill this criminal intention, Pichugin A.V., acting under direct instructions of Nevzlin L.B., who took upon himself functions of the organizer of the killing of Rybin Y.L., at undisclosed time and place proposed to his acquaintance Gorin S.V. (the criminal prosecution of whom was dropped due to his death) to find persons ready for remuneration to commit this crime. In addition, Pichugin A.V. in order to facilitate carrying out of this crime, with the knowledge of Nevzlin L.B., handed over to Gorin S.V. information about the place of domicile and work of Rybin S.V., as well as cars at his disposal, bodyguards and itineraries, he also conducted negotiations about the amount of remuneration for the killing of Rybin Y.L. to the amount not less than 300 000 US dollars (6 942 000 rubles) and time of its execution.

Having accepted the proposal from Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V. pertaining to committing the killing of Rybin Y.L.., Gorin S.V. engaged for its execution inhabitants of the town Volgograd Shapiro V.V. (accused and sentenced by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court of 17.08.2006) and Goritovsky V.N. (the criminal prosecution against his was dropped due to his death), who agreed to pake part in this crime and proposed to carry out the killing of Rybin Y.L. to their acquaintances Reshetnikov Y.V. and Tsigelnik G.A. (accused and sentenced by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court of 17.08.2006), they also provided information about the affected and handed over to them, as a down payment, for committing this crime a part of monetary remuneration to the amount of not less than 10 000 US dollars (231 400 rubles), and later 20 000 US dollars (462 800 rubles) which had been transferred by Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.B. via Gorin S.V.

In the period from December 1998 to March 1999, Shapiro V.V., Gorin S.V., Tsigelnik G.A., Goritovsky V.N. and Reshetnikov Y.V., in fulfilment of instructions of Nevzlin L.B. repeatedly came to the house of the affected on the cars VAZ-2121, state registration number Н 323 ЕО 34 РУС, and Toyota Land Cruiser, state identification number С 002 УЬ 77 РУС, and ‘Hyundai Galloper’, state registration number Н 844 ММ 34 РУС, located at the address Moscow Region, Leninsky District, village Nikolo-Khovanskoye, house XX ‘X’ where during a long period of time they watched the setting, collected information about cars at his disposal, as well as about bodyguards, itineraries and time of his movements. Apart from that, they prepared themselves for the execution of the killing, consisting of purchasing and making crime instruments, special clothing and communication devices, buying and preparing means of transportation to withdraw from the scene of the event.

In order to fulfill this criminal intention, directed at murdering of Rybin Y.L., Goritovsky V.N. in the Autumn-Winder period handed 1998-1999 handed over in the town Volgograd to Reshetnikov Y.V. and Tsigelnik G.A. two assault-guns AK-74, caliber 5.45x39 mm, hand-held grenade rocket launcher RPG-18, ammunition – not less than 54 ammunition rounds caliber 5.54x39 mm, two army frag hand grenades F-1equipped with standard combat unified detonator of the type UZRGM, triton – explosive agent of percussion action weighing not less than 0.6 kilogram. The specified weapons, ammunition and explosive agents the mentioned above persons transported to the Moscow Region on the car VAZ-2121, state registration number Н 323 ЕО 34 РУС.

At the end of February – beginning of March 1999, during the process of preparation for the crime, in fulfilling the assignment of Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V with the purpose to kill Rybin Y.L., Reshetnikov A.V. and Tsigelnik G.A. dug in the soil of a back road on the itinerary of the movement of the car belonging to Rybin Y.L. in the vicinity of the village Nikolo-Khovanskoye of the Moscow Region, a self-made explosive device made of two electric detonators, explosive line with power supply unit, TNT high explosive agents weighing not less than 0.6 kilogram, army frag hand grenade F-1.

On March 5, 1999, about 8.00 p.m., on the back road located between Kiyevskoye Highway and the village Nikolo-Khovandkoye in Leninsky District of the Moscow Area, opposite the concrete fence of Khovanskoye Cemetery’s wood-working department, Tsigelnik G.A., upon prior collusion with Reshetnikov Y.V., with the knowledge of Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V., acting together and in coordination, in a socially dangerous way, aware of the fact that, as the result of the explosion not only Rybin Y.L. could be killed, but also other persons accompanying him, set off, by way of providing electric power supply, the self-made explosive device that had been previously dug in the in the soil on the itinerary of movement of the car GAZ-3102, state registration number Н 216 АХ 99 РУС, at the disposal of Rybin Y.L. apart from that, Tsigelnik G.A. tried to fire a shot at the car and persons sitting in it from the antitank rocket grenade launcher RGTG-18 by pressing the trigger.

Yet, contrary to his intention, the shot was a failure, as the grenade launcher was out of order. In continuation of the attempt to carry out the criminal intention, Reshetnikov Y.V., at the behest of Tsigelnik G.A., threw an army frag hand grenade F-1, and then, Reshetnikov Y.V. and Tsigelnik G.A. from the assault guns AK-74 at their disposal fired not less than 54 shots at the car where there were Fedotov I.V., Filippov Y.L. and Ivanov A.Y., and after that they fled from the scene of the event.

Whereas Rybin Y.L. was not in that car at the moment of committing this crime, the criminal group with the lead of Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V. could not carry out its criminal intention to the end due to circumstances beyond their control.

As the result of the explosion and the shots at the car, bodily injuries of different gravity were inflicted to Fedotov N.V., Ivanov A.Y., and Filippov Y.L., in particular:

- Fedotov N.V. received a blood shot and abrasion of face, that didn’t inflict serious damage to his health; as well as bullet, blind wounds of soft tissues of the left part of the neck, lest part of pelvis and left thigh, tangential wound of the left shoulder, penetrating wounds of soft tissues of the front surface of the right side of the chest, left shoulder – 2 times, left forearm, right shoulder inflicting damage to the health of moderate severity; penetrating wound of chest and stomach damaging 6-10 ribs from the right side, right lung, diaphragmatic cupola, liver, mesentery, right kidney, third lumber vertebra, eights rib to the right, penetrating wound of thoracic spine with the damage of 1-3 spinal bones and squashing of the dorsal spinal cord and fracturing of the second and third ribs to the left in the area of arthrous heads, and to the right 1-4 ribs on paraspinal line with damage to the bone tissue inflicted a serious and life-threatening damage to the health, massive damage of lower extremities with squashing of the skin, soft tissues, shank bones, left autopodium, with a splintered fracture of the right thigh bone, inflicting grave and life-threatening damage to the health, caused by explosive injury, as the result of which the affected died on the scene of the event;

- Ivanov A.Y. received a concomitant explosive damage: open craniocerebral injury; degloving wound in the left side of the temporal region of the head, hollow comminuted fracture of the frontal bone to the left, subdural hematoma, subarachnoid blood effusion, brain contusion with formation of a contusion hot spot and haemorrhagic saturation in the left frontal area, aedema of the left side of cerebrum, multiple wounds of face; traumatic amputation of the right shank and left thigh, which is life threatening and inflicting grave harm to the health;

- Filippov Y.L. received a penetrating gunshot wound to the chest’s right side, non-penetrating in cavitas pleuralis, with would canal in the soft tissues, with a exiting wound in the 7th intercostal space along underarm area back side and exiting wound on the level of the 5th rib along the front underarm line; penetrating firearm wound of the right side of thorax, non-penetrating in cavitas pleuralis, with wound canal in soft tissues, with exiting wound on the level of the 3th rib on the scapular line and exiting wound in the supraclavilular region which is not life-threatening but caused health problems for not longer than three weeks inflicted only light damage to the health.

Thus, Fedotov N.V. was killed, but Rybin Y.L. was not in the car, and a timely medical help was provided to Ivanov A.Y. and Filippov Y.L., so the crime against them was not carried out to the end due to the circumstances beyond control of the defendants.”

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