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Nevzlin L.B. together with Pichigin A.V. organized an attempted murder on Rybin Y.L. that was committed on November 24, 1998 in the town Moscow by Reshetnikov Y.V. in complicity with Tsigennik G.A. and Shapiro V.V. whose verdicts have become final and binding.

“In the Autumn of 1998, Nevzlin L.B. being a member of the directors’ board of the OJSC ‘Yukos-Moskva’ and being discontented with the activities of Rybin Y.L. , managing director of the company ‘East Petroleum Handelsgaz mBH’, of whose initiative several claims had been filed pertaining to recovery of damage caused by the oil company Yukos to the company ‘East Petroleum Handelsgaz m.B.H.’ connected with the common activities with the company OJSC ‘Tomskneft’ VNK on the field development of oil fields ‘Zapadno-Poludennoye’ and ‘Krapivnitskoye’, at the undiscovered location entered into a criminal conspiracy with the head of the Fourth Department of internal and economic security of the oil company Yukos (OJSC ‘Yukos-Moskva’) Pichugin A.V. (convicted and sentenced by the verdict of the Moscow City Court of 06.08.2007) as well as with unidentified persons from the management of the oil company Yukos directed at depriving of life of Rybin Y.L.

With the purpose to organize this criminal intention, Pichugin A.V., acting under direct orders of Nevzlin L.B., who took for himself the functions of organizer of the murder of Rybin Y.L., at undisclosed time and place, proposed to his acquaintance Gorin S.V. (the criminal persecution of whom was dropped in connection with his death) to choose persons ready, for remuneration, to commit this crime. In addition, Pichugin A.V. to facilitate committing of this crime, with the knowledge of Nevzlin L.B., handed over to Gorin S.V. information about the place of residence and work of Rybin Y.L., about cars at his disposal, bodyguards and routes of movement, he also carried out negotiations about the amount of material remuneration for the killing of Rybin Y.L. to the amount of not less than 300 000 US dollars (6 942 000 rubles), as well as about dates of the committing of the crime.

Having accepted the proposal of Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V. with regard to the murder of Rybin Y.L., Gorin S.V. at undisclosed time and place, drew in to its carrying out inhabitants of the town Volgograd Shapiro V.V. (sentenced by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court of 17.08.2006) and Goritovsky V.N. (the criminal prosecution of him was dropped in connection with his death) who then agreed to take part in this crime and proposed to commit it to their acquaintances Reshetnikov Y.V. and Tsigelnik G.A. (accused and sentenced by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court of 17.08.2006), they also provided information about the affected and handed over to them, by way of advance, a material remuneration amounting to not less than 10 000 US dollars (231 400 rubles), handed over by Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V. through Gorin S.V.

During the period of time from October to November 1998, Tsigelnik G.A. and Reshetnikov Y.V., in fulfilment of the directions by Nevzlin L.B., using the information handed over to them about the affected, specified his personal data, , they came several times by car (VAZ-2121, state registration number H 323 EO 34 РУС) to the place of his work and domicile in Moscow and in Moscow Region, they for a long period of time surveyed the surrounding places, collected data on cars at his disposal , his bodyguards and time of his movements.

On November 24, 1998, Tsigelnik G.A. and Reshetnikov Y.V., armed with the Makarov PSM gun and machine-gun K6-92 ‘Volk’ (Borz), possessing information received from Navzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V. that Rybin in the evening of that day will be on a visit to his acquaintance Filimonov L.I. at the living at the address Moscow, Udaltsova Street, house 30, App. 55, by previous concert, with the purpose to commit a murder, went to the indicated house about 22.00 pm., and took pre-agreed places and divided the sector of fire.

About 22.05 p.m. of the same day, at the moment when Rybin Y.L. left the entrance of house No 30 on the Udaltsova Street and came up to his official vehicle of the type GAZ-3102, state registration number E 965 PH 50 РУС), in which there was the driver Galkin U.V., Tsigalnik G.A. armed with the gun PSM Makarov to committing the crime, kept watching over the situation and, in need be, he had to remove impeaching impediments as to committing this crime directed at murdering of Rybin Y.B., fired at close range not less than 6 shots from the machine-gun K6-92 ‘Volk’ (Borz) caliber 9 mm. However, Tsigelnik G.A. and Reshetnikov Y.V. failed to accomplish their crime due to reasons beyond their control, as Rybin Y.L. managed to hide himself behind the car, and them in the entrance of the designated house. Tsigelnik G.A. fearing to inflict damage to this accomplice, could not fire a shot from the fire arm at his disposal. As Rybin Y.L. was of the same firing line with Reshetnikov Y.V. Not having a real possibility to bring to the end this crime, Tsigelnik G.A. and Reshetnikov Y.V. fled from the scene of the crime.

Thus, Rybin Y.L. was not killed due to circumstances beyond the control of Nevzlin L.B., Pichugin A.V., Gorin S.V., Shapiro V.V., Tsigelnik G.A., Goritovsky V.N., Reshetnikov Y.V., and other persons not identified by the investigation”.

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