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Nevzlin L.B. together with Pichugin A.V. organized the killing of Petukhov A.V. wich were committed on June 26, 1998, in the town Nefteyugansk by Reshetnikov Y.V. in collaboration with Tsigelnik G.A. and Shapiro V.V. whose verdicts became final and binding.


«In the summer period of 1998, Nevzlin L.B., being a shareholder and first deputy of the president of the board of the oil company Yukos, got into cahoots, in an undisclosed location, with Pichugin A.V., the head of the security department of the OJSC bank ‘Menatep” (he was sentence by the verdict of the Moscow City Court of 06.08.2007), as wee as by several unidentified persons from the managers of the oil company Yukos, directed at killing of head of the administration of the town Nefteyugansk situated in the Khanty-Mancy Autonomous District Petukhov V.A. whose actions with regard to the return of hidden taxes and fees of the oil company Yukos to the federal, regional and local budgets contradicted their personal and business interests.

In order to carry out of the criminal intention, Pichuign A.V., acting at the direct instruction of Nevzlin L.B. who took upon himself the functions of the organizers of the murder, at undisclosed time and place, proposed to his acquaintance Gorin S.V. (the criminal persecution against his was stopped because of his death) to find individuals ready, for a reward, to commit this crime.

In addition, Pichugin A.V. in order to facilitate the carrying out of this crime, with knowledge of Nevzlin L.B., handed over to Gorin S.V. the photo of the affected, his residence and office addresses, he also carried out negotiations about the size of material remuneration for the murder of Petukhov V.A. to the amount of not less than 150 000 UD dollars (927 000 rubles), as well as about time of its execution.

Having accepted the proposal of Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V. with regard to the murder of Petukhov A.V., Gorin S.V., during the same period of time, engaged to its execution citizens of the town Volgograd – Shapiro V.V. (sentence by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court of 17.08.2006) and Goritovsky V.N. (the criminal persecution against his was stopped in connection with his death), who agreed to take part in this crime and proposed to commit the killing of Petukhov V.A. to their acquaintances Reshetnikov Y.V. and Tsigelnik G.A. (accused by the Verdict of the Moscow City Court of 17.08.2006), and he handed over to them, by way of advance part of the monetary remuneration to the amount of not less than 1000 US dollars (6180 rubles); he also provided information about the victim, and later he gave them 10 000 US dollars (61000 rubles) for executing the murder, with this money being given by Nevzlin L.B. and Pichugin A.V. through Gorin S.V.

In order to implement the criminal intention, directed at the Murder of Petukhov V.A., Goritovsky V.N. in June 1998 in the town Volgograd handed over to Reshetnikov Y.V. and Tsigelnik G.A. a hunting rifle of the type ‘KO-8,2’ ammunition rounds to it as well as two military ball splinter defensive grenades F-1. Apart from that, Reshetnikov Y.V. in order to commit this crime produced a self-made firing arm which was a modification of the automatic gun Kb-92 ‘Volk’ (Borz).

In June 1998, Tsigelnik G.A. with Reshetnikov Y.V., in order to implement the orders of Nevzlin L.B. went in the car VAZ-2121, license plate number H 323 ЕОЛ34 РУС with the mentioned above guns and ammunitions arrived in the town Nefteyugansk where, preparing for the murder of Petukhov V.A. they collected information about the victim, updated his personal data, place of work and place of the domicile: they also for a long time stalked him, received information about the cars at his disposal, his guard and routes of movement.

On June 26, 1998, about 8 o’clock, on the pedestrian path located between the crossroad of the Neftyanikov Street and Molodyozhnaya Street, along the wasteland up the Naberezhnaya street in the 2nd district of the town Nefteyugansk, at the moment when Tsigelnik G.A. armed for committing the crime with a short hunting rifle of the type ‘KO-8,2’, caliber 8,2 as well as with a grenade F-1, in accordance with his role in this crime, was tracking the setting and, if need be, he had to remove obstacles preventing the carrying out of this crime so, Reshetnikov Y.V. shot at least 18 times from the automatic gun Kb-92 ‘Volk’ (Borz), caliber 9 mm, at Petukhov V.A and his bodyguard Kokoshkin V.Y. who accompanied him, on their way to the office. The attackers were well aware that the result of the firing from the automatic gun could be the death not only of Petukhov V.A. and Kokoshkin B.Y., but also of other persons walking the streets situated in the vicinity of the scene of the event.

As the result of the firing, bodily damages of different gravity were infringed on Petukhov V.A. and Kokoshkin V.Y., in particular:

- Petukhov V.A. received skin abrasions of nose, forehead, left shank, right patella which caused no damage to health, but, judging from grievous bodily harm, he received a penetrated wound in the head damaging cranial roof bones and the base of the skull, skull’s covering and brain substance, with its contusion, blind injury of chest damaging both lungs, mediastinum, left collarbone, 4th right rib, right shoulder blade, hemorrhaging in cavitas pleuralis (hemotracs), so because all of these the affected Petukhov V.A. died in a hospital.

Kokoshkin V.A. received light damage to his health judging from the short-time disorder, caused by a penetrating wound of the right shoulder’s soft tissues, a middle damage to health judging from the duration of the disorder, was infringed on him due to the blind would of the left buttock, and a grievous bodily harm, judging from the danger for life, was caused by a gunshot blind injury in the lumber region penetrating to spinal canal and damaging the spinal cord.

At the same time, Reshetnokov Y.V. and Tsigelnik G.A. could not accomplish their criminal intentions and murder Kokoshkin due of circumstances beyond their control, as the affected Kokoshkin was in a timely manner delivered to a hospital where he received a competent medical help.»

An extract from the record of the interview of the witness and affected Vyacheslav Kokoshkin of 25.02.1999.

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