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How the «honourary oilman» Maslov sentenced the arab millionaire

FLB: We publish a document of the Lebanese special services, according to which a well-known Russian businessman paid $ 300,000 to eliminate his partner

How the «honourary oilman» Maslov sentenced the arab millionaire

So, here is a document from the Lebanon's Main Directorate of Internal Security Forces dated February 2011: a report by a Lebanese police officer to his command in Beirut. Warrant officer Ilyas Hannah of the platoon Al-Bourge reports an incident during his patrol. We quote literally:

“Me, the warrant officer Ilyas Hannah of the platoon Al-Bourge, during the patrol service, being in official uniform, in the center of Beirut detained the suspect Ali Nur while he was following Alain Al-Khoueiry, who owns one of the companies, whose central office is located in the center of Beirut. During the detention, the following were confiscated: a Glock pistol and Kalashnikov submachine gun.”

Question / answer: No, I do not know Alain Al-Khoueiry, whom I was looking for at the location of his work and therefore asked people in that area about him. All I knew was that his company’s office was in the center of Beirut.

Question: For what purpose were you looking for Alain Al-Khoueiry?

Answer: Almost two months ago I was in Turkey in Istanbul, and met a Chechen man there. When he found out that I was Lebanese then a week after we met he told me that he was in Turkey, because he could not enter the Russian Federation or any other country that maintains good relations with Russia. He further said that he was working with Chechen Mujahedeen against the Russian Federation and wanted to open the channels of communication with one Lebanese. He told me that he had very good relations with one of the famous Russian businessmen in Dubai - Sergey Maslov.

Answer: Two weeks later he called me and invited me to a meeting in a cafe in Istanbul, after which he invited me to go to Dubai with him to meet with Mr. Sergey Maslov.

Question / Answer: We indeed left together for Dubai. There he introduced me to an elderly Russian man who said he was a Chechen by nationality. He did not speak English, short with blond and sparse hair. I even think that he is bald and he is extending his hair, his eyes color is brown. He introduced himself as Sergey Maslov working in the field of real estate investment in Dubai, and he has many different companies around the world and therefore he often travels from Switzerland to Dubai.

Question / Answer: We met in a luxury apartment in the Al-Ahlam building on the 5th floor, as far as I remember. Then they asked a Chechen Magomed to go out and asked to leave my mobile phone outside the room. Then he asked me to reach a gentleman named Alan Al- Khoueiry and also find a way to get rid of him or receive his signature on the documents on the renunciation of all property in Dubai, even if this signature was received by force. He paid me three hundred thousand dollars in cash and gave a golden Rolex watch, and promised another two million dollars if the result of my assignment was positive.

Question: How were you going to get the signature of Mr. Alain Al-Khoueiry?

Answer: To be honest, Mr. Sergey told me to receive the signature any way, even if I have to kidnap him or kill him. ”

A notarized copy of the interrogation record dated 02.04.2011 is available at the editor's

This sensational document is an annex to the statement addressed to the chairman of the Investigation Committee A. I. Bastrykin, the name of the applicant has not been disclosed. This statement particularly says:

“Maslov S.V. first “squeezed out” of his partner a citizen of Lebanon Alain Khoueiry 10% of the CIS Company, as well as more than 16 million US dollars which Alain Khoueiry transferred from his account to the needs of Maslov S.V. at his requests. However, Maslov understood that the money would need to be returned, and Alain Khoueiry had concrete evidence including the acknowledgment letter personally written by S. Maslov and 10% of the CIS Company should be returned, but most importantly Maslov was afraid to disclose the offshore companies where the money was being laundered through. Most likely some of these companies belong to the dignitaries, and Maslov S.V. decided to solve all problems with one blow: no person, no problems. But the trick was that Maslov decided not to act through that mujahedeen-mediator, that’s a man who hated Russia and wanted to make harm and disadvantage to our country by any means.

Copy of Maslov's acknowledgment letter

The worst thing was that Maslov S.V. acted through a man who hated Russia and was an active enemy of the Russian state. I would like to turn to our valiant state bodies: guys, is this normal at all? It would seem that a person has committed the most serious crime both in criminal law and against the state. Why is this not treason? And instead of being in prison Maslov S.V. builds a horse base in Gelendzhik to serve an elite golf club for selected high-rank people of the Russian state.

Link: https://compromat.ws/figurant-dela-o-krazhe-milliarda-maslov-stroit-konnyj-klub-dlya-semej-chemezova-i-manturova/            (The link points to an article posted on the “Kompromat” website which states that the former head of the Equestrian Federation of Russia, Sergei Maslov, previously accused of embezzlement of 1 billion roubles, established the "Equestrian Academy" in Gelendzhik. The company is registered on the territory of the hotel owned by the families of the head of the “Rostech” Corporation Sergey Chemezov and the Minister of Industry Denis Manturov.)

           It is clear that Maslov S.V. could not and cannot spin billions without the support of the heads, neither did not do things without the support of the men in power the following persons: the Magomedov brothers, a colonel of Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Zakharchenko, a colonel of Federal Security Service Kirill Cherkalin, an official Mikhail Abyzov, a senator Rauf Arashukov, a governor Alexander Khoroshavin, and etc.

They should still have a little conscience but they must understand that their dirty deeds help foreign enemies of Russia to exert pressure and denigrate our country and our president. But sooner or later justice will punish the criminal, it’s only a pity that it will happen in London because the Lebanese citizen Alain Khoueiry appealed to our law enforcement authorities on 11.27.2017 and for two years the materials have been going between the instances (correspondence of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation on 9 pages is attached). There is no doubt that the High Court of London will dot the t's, but unfortunately this will be another slap in the face of our law enforcement system. ”

At the end of the application, a brief criminal biographical note is given:

“Maslov Sergei Vladimirovich was born on August 15, 1960 in Chechnya, worked for Surgutneftegas company, since the foundation of NK Lukoil in the early 1990s he had held senior positions in the company's subsidiaries, and since February 2001 he had been the president of Transnefteproduct company, since April 2008, he had been the president of SPbMTSB CJSC; since May 2013 by the decision of the supervisory board of “Development Corporation” OJSC he was appointed to the position of General Director.

About 3.5 years later Maslov S.V. became a figurant in a criminal case, which at the end of September 2016 was initiated by the Central Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Rostov Region under Art. 160 of the Criminal Code: misappropriation or embezzlement on an especially large scale, more than 1 billion roubles from the bank “Narodny credit”. According to the investigation shortly before the license had been revoked from the bank in October 2014 S. Maslov invested there more than 1 billion roubles from the shareholders of the “Development Corporation”. Subsequently the funds were withdrawn to the offshores and invested in Maslov's personal projects.

On October 19, 2016 Sergei Maslov was detained by officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service in his estate with an area of more than 3,000 square meters located on a site of more than 3 hectares in the Arkhangelskoye settlement near Moscow, worth more than $ 100 million, and transported to Rostov-on-Don. The case was loud. The media wrote about his wealth, his cars, offices, yachts, even about the 71-meter luxury yacht Victoria, named after S. Maslov’s wife Victoria.

On the same day the judge of the Leninsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don Vladimir Abramov satisfied the request of the investigation and took the head of the Development Corporation OJSC under arrest on suspicion that he had stolen more than one billion roubles from the Development Corporation OJSC, the court also seized his numerous immovable property.

The media also were writing about numerous corruption schemes by Maslov S.V. on embezzlement of state money:

- acquisition of “Chelyabinsk Poultry” PJSC in Kopeisk by the structures of Development Corporation OJSC for more than 1.4 billion roubles with the subsequent sale of the poultry farm to a private company. At the same time the money issued for the acquisition of the enterprise had never returned to the state treasury, the investigators either didn't manage or unwilled to find out where the state money had disappeared;

- Development Corporation OJSC tried to cheat the contractors to build a bridge across the Nadym River, Mostotryad-12 LLC and Mostostroy-11 JSC were forced to obtain their payment of about 2.4 billion roubles through the court;

- Development Corporation OJSC from May 2013 to October 2015 paid about 500 million roubles to various consulting, auditing and legal companies for some consultations;

On December 17 and 18, 2015 Development Corporation PJSC transferred about 4 million roubles to Victoria Shipbuilding Dockyard (the founders were Sergey Maslov brother Victor and his wife Valentina).

Link: http://fbi.media/lovkost-ruk-i-nikakogo-moshennichestva-kak-sergej-maslov-razvival-ural-na-gosudarstvennye-dengi/ (This link points to an article posted on the FBI.media website that states how Maslov became a figurant in a criminal case on embezzlement of a billion roubles from “Narodny Credit” Bank (part 4 of Article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) brought in action by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Rostov Region.)

But on November 30, 2016 the court reporters were informed that the session “on the extension of the preventive measure” to Maslov S.V. would not take place as the investigation’s request for arrest had been withdrawn, and the figurant involved in the case was released under house arrest. And in October 2017 the criminal case was terminated by the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation. Unfortunately this is our terrible reality. ”


on the cancellation of the resolution to refuse to initiate criminal proceedings   and on the direction of the material for additional verification

Moscow                                                                                             March 20, 2019

Deputy prosecutor of the Tver interdistrict prosecution of Moscow, counselor of justice Ignatov S.V. having examined the verification materials of the report of a crime registered on 01.05.2018 in the KUSP PD Kitay-gorod of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow No. 68/91.


      From the statement of A.Khoueiry follows that Maslov S.V. had stolen his property.

      According to the results of the checking by the district authorized officer of the Kitay-Gorod Police Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow Andreichuk M.I. on 14.01.2018 they issued a decision on the refusal to initiate criminal proceedings on the basis of paragraph 1 of Part 1 of Article 24 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation.

       The specified decision was made prematurely and unreasonably because during the verification process, all possible verification measures necessary for making a lawful and justified decision have not been completed thereby are subject to cancellation.

       During an additional verification it is necessary:

- to interrogate A.Khoueiry on the circumstances of the verification;

- to interrogate Maslov S.V. on the circumstances of the verification;

-   if needed, carry out other verification activities aimed at establishing the circumstances of the incident.

Based on the foregoing, guided by Paragraph 6 of Part 2 of Article 37 and Part 6 of Article. 148 of the Code of Criminal Procedure,


1 To cancel the resolution on the refusal to initiate criminal proceedings of January 14, 2018 issued by the district authorized representative of the Kitai-Gorod Police Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow Andreichuk M.I.

2. This resolution and the verification materials should be sent to the head of the Kitay-Gorod PD of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow to organize additional verification.

3. Set the deadline for additional verification of 30 days from the moment of reception of the materials at the Kitai-Gorod Police Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow.

Deputy Prosecutor                                                                 S.V. Ignatov»

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