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The ‘Dossier Center’ of Mikhail Khodorkovsky* is a CIA’s trap

The Website Prigovor.ru: Employees of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s ‘investigative’ project have presented a coming-out having published a CIA’s announcement on recruiting traitors


Fifth Column of Judas servants

The website Prigovor.ru has found out that the beneficiary of an orthodox church in Austria belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church collects money, through a family foundation, to support Ukrainian fighters and Ukraine itself


Real history of renaming the Bayswater Street in London into Kyiv Road

The website Prigovor.ru has found out who is behind the decision to rename a part of the street near the Russian Embassy in London – it is the foundation ‘The Foreign Policy Center’ financed by Mikhail Khodorkovsky*


Judiciary machine has hit Mikhail Khodorkovsky. At idle speed

The website Prigovor.ru has found out that the former shareholder of the bank Menatep has been trying for 20 years - and to no avail – to achieve a compensation in court for damage, and meanwhile fugitive top-managers of Yukos continue to gain millions cashing in on lending their mansions in a prestigious area on the Rublyovskoye Shosse


Smoke of the Fatherland. Tobacco Business of the Glukhovsky Family

The website Prigovor.ru: Where and how earn money the Russian fantasy author and foreign agent Dmitry Glukhovsky. 135.5 million rubles during four months coming from foreign contractors. Candidates to be included in the Forbes’ list


Singing restaurant-keeper sitting on two chairs at the same time

Ivan not remembering kinship. The front-man of the of group “SBPCh” and simultaneously a restaurant-keeper Kirill Ivanov is refusing in principal to make concerts in Russia, but, at the same time, his firms are unscrupulously cashing in millions on state companies


Two comrades were stirring up something together. How Khodorkovsky and Fridman were laundering $384 million in the Netherlands

The website Prigovor.ru: The finance swindler Mikhail Khodorkovsky* and “the oligarch of the 1990s” Mikhail Fridman were objects of an investigation of Holland’s Agency fighting against organized crime. The archives of the operations “Artemis” and “Hermes”


Ukraine under Alexey Arestovich. The school of occult limitless excess

The website Prigovor.ru has found out that the Alexey Arestovich, an oracle from Kiev, happens to be an adherent of the occult “secret school” of an American Jean Houston, former adviser of Hillary Clinton


She has taken roots. Chulpan Khamatova has open a firm in Latvia and built a house

The website Prigovor.ru: The actress Chulpan Khamatova has been trying to present her mansion in a posh eco-community Amatciems near Riga as a modest house in a Latvian little village


Christopher Steele, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and other “collectors of dirt”

Khodorkovsky could definitely be one of the main “collectors” of materials for the notorious Steele Dossier


All the Gobbling King’s Men. NATO’s Special information forces

In the West, they are preparing not only tankers, pilots and mounted infantry, but also anti-Russia journalistic special forces. The website Prigovor.ru has studied the system of education and financing of investigative journalists or “protest special troops


American Mystery of the con man Ilya Ponomarev*

“Defendants violated the federal securities laws by disseminating materially false and misleading statements…” – in the state Texas they are considering a claim of fraud against the fugitive ex-deputy of the Russian Parliament Ilya Ponomarev


“Famous scum”. Feigin. Live on sale

The website Prigovor.ru has found out that the hereditary revolutionary and blogger-foreign agent Mark Feigin has monetized his struggle against the “regime”


Nazi “meat cuts” Kiev style

The website Prigovor.ru has found out that the organizer of the separatist “Free Nations of Russia Forum” is a marketing expert and barman from Kiev whose menu includes, for instance, a dish from “real Russkies meat”


“Bucha-Film”. Mikhail Khodorkovsky has started to create his own cinema company

The website Prigovor.ru has found out that the finance swindler from the company Yukos has hired two well-known British filmmakers and has paid them 1 million British pounds for creating a yet another “documentary” anti-Russian gore


Main offshore for Ilya Ponomaryov's «Rospartisans»

The website Prigovor.ru has found out that the clan of the ex-deputy Ilya Ponomaryov is financing Ukrainian fighters through the Cyprus offshore Atberg Investments Ltd


«Tele- and body-journalist» of Akhmed Zakayev

The website Prigovor.ru: Lady Inna Kurochkina is responsible for connection with terrorists and extremists in the “Free Russia Foundation”**. “Distant” grant. The US State Department covers up traces of terrorist sponsorship


Curators of «Good Russians»: John Lough, Thomas Firestone, Alexander Vindman

Attached officers and agents of American special services are being planted in management of all anti-Russian foundations and non-governmental organizations


Necklace for State Department’s Fury: “Ark”, Reforum and Free Russia Foundation

The website Prigovor.ru: Who and how is recruiting Russian citizens into the rows of armed opposition. Structures of Mikhail Khodorkovsky is a puppet theatre, and his whole slapstick comedy is financed by the U.S. State Department through funds of Natalia Arno


Cozzers’ business empire of the insurgent Gennady Gudkov

The extremist Gennady Gudkov has continued to legally receive millions of rubles in Russia, while thousands of his armed security guards only waiting for his command “Attack!”


Fifth column starts its last Drang nach Osten. Part II

The task of dismembering Russia was assigned to the Lithuanian “black sniper” Andrius Almanis, on hand of whom there is blood of the victims of Vilnius events happened on January 13, 1991


How an immigrated to London lawyer created in Westminster a communal scandal

The website Prigovor.ru has found two mansions belonging to Anton Drel one of which is located about five minutes’ walk from the Buckingham palace


The swindlers from Yukos are afraid that Ukraine can be the first to get their lucre worth $50 billion

The judicial «chainsaw massacre» in the High Court of Justice in London. Honorable Judge Butcher carried out the process without lawyers representing Russia


Mikhail Khodorkovsky has financed the drivel of British analysts that “Nord Streams” pipelines were blown up by Russians themselves

The website Prigovor.ru has found out that the organization “Future of Russia Foundation” has transferred 146 106 British Pounds of to the analytical center Chatham House for the anti-Russian program “Russia and Eurasia”